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    :parkcry::parkcry::parkcry: Sakura/SS/SSSSisters :parkcry: No pregnancy spinoff for us :parkcry:
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    General Chat

    But what is this lewd content ?????? Explain yourself bob ? >I-I never b-brough h-hentai >Process to spamm hentai And you assert hentais isn't canon to you :kobeha: Stop lying See kids what too much internet and isolation do
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    General Chat

    You are everywhere claiming that hentai is a reliable source unlike manga :parkcry::crazwhat: Hard to avoid you :parkcry:
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    Current Events Oda doesn’t like Sanji

    Curse you, Sanjis horny VA :parkcry:
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    Speculations Why Zoro Will Become a Woman

    GrandMistress sisters ???? :crazwhat:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers Discussion

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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers Discussion

    "uh oh stinky i bet luffy left this box with meat outside and it went bad. better throw it out before someone gets sick! " CarrotQueens......:parkcry:
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    Questions & Mysteries Why didt Obito just have Kabuto make an edo of Rin so he could have his girlfriend?

    I pass on this forum and I see that my friend @Bob74h is still active in posting his proud incel non-sense (he is clearly not trolling). I'm starting to worry bob, on so many forums you spend your days being incel with that school shooter vibe Narutoforum tried to help you by banning you...
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    Break Week Is Zoro racist or coincidence?

    ofc. Always slaying black people and Oda say Zoro would be a cop irl. It's no a coincidence :crazwhat:
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    Versus Battle Uchiha Itachi vs Jiraiya

    Base Jman neg diff SM Jman is neg diffed 50/50 between Itachi and BSM Jman (Base Sage Mode Jman)
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    Episode Discussion What do you think about Floch overall ?

    He became my favorite character (was in my top 3 before that) shortly after the 139 debacle and this is confirmed even more with the recent episodes I could say tons about his excellent writing (most well written character in the serie), his incredible evolution, the war against his sjw...
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    Attack on Titan Season 4 - Episodes 23 : Sunset

    The animation, realization of the episode is good but the quality of writing becomes bad now. Isayama's fault, not MAPPA's Aoe will probably be confirmed in the movie or part 3 (assuming they will make one of them). On the other hand we might get a ton of hopium in the last 2 episodes. It all...
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    Attack on Titan Season 4 - Episodes 21 : From You, 2,000 Years Ago

    Was strange, they could've just made his mouth move. And the VA didn't match that face at all either. But maybe they wanted to do exactly the same as in the manga because the image was epic (it must be the most strangest Isayama drawing in the manga) Eren is back :crazwhat: