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  1. Orojackson Refugee

    General & Others Anyone here noticed Zoro's arc (Wano) is more relevant than year of Sanji (WCI)?

    the first chapter on wano is titled a great adventure, unique than other arcs. Also it's the arc to connect towards the final arc meanwhile, wci is walmart arlong park/enies lobby rescue arc what do you think? @Boiroy @Lor D. Coast @m0nst3Rx @Swallalala @The White Crane
  2. Orojackson Refugee

    Is Queen the most embarrassing Beast pirate?
    Threadmarks: fact

    dude is always jobbing each time he shows up :suresure: i think the only time he's not jobbing was when he's fighting sanji @The White Crane @Boiroy @Lor D. Coast @ThunderSupernova :queenmoji::queenmoji:
  3. Orojackson Refugee

    Anime & Manga In the final war, Sanji's main fight will be against Senor Pink

    If you follow one piece news, you should know there have been hints that one piece is near its end now. At the beginning of wano, oda said that one piece is 80% done. After wano arc, we are going for the final war. Meanwhile, there was a question in SBS about the devil fruits that oda would...
  4. Roronoa-sama

    Break Week Did Judge want a Zoro? Sanji is jealous than Zoro

    Judge always wanted than his sons were great warriors in the case of sanji he was wanted than he would be strongest swordman (new ryuma) but of course sanji failed All of these do than sanji wants to defeat mihawk (he know about mihawk) but he knowns than he is a different league than him...
  5. m0nst3Rx

    Anime & Manga Sanji Most Overrated Character in One Piece History

    As far We all known with Proofs Vinsmonke Sanji is Most Overrated Character in one piece so far. I had to make this thread because my fellow Sanji fans keep asking for this. :endthis: Overrating Most Overrated Character Most Overrating Character Reality :finally: Queen Feats Knocked...
  6. Blother Fertitta

    Character Discussion The Worst of The Worst

    There are several villains and Evil Characters in One Piece. I will go through the characters that I deem are relevant enough and redeem them. At the end I will highlight one character that's the worst. Given that there's so many antagonists and villains, I will keep redemption points short and...
  7. Abysmal

    Character Discussion Is Sanji becoming the new Usopp? Oda's most humiliated character.

    Well i'm not gonna discuss the stuff before WCI since it's pretty clear. Whole Cake Island Arc: -Portrayed as a loser and humiliated by his own family. -Not doing much despite the Arc being mainly centered around him. -Turning him into a pedophile by making him fall in love with a 16 years old...
  8. Blother Fertitta

    Character Discussion Big “Meme” Mom / Charlotte LinLin

    Big Mom is a piss of a Character. Big Meme Pirates are a Looney Tunes-esque, Team rocket is blasting off againn, Looking ahh pirate crew. Convince me otherwise.
  9. Orojackson Refugee

    Future Events Setup for Sanji vs Kanjuro matchup

    We saw in the latest chapter that kanjuro was going for momo Meanwhile, there have been thoughts from sanji fans about sanji role to save momo From these thoughts, sanji is inevitably going to fight kanjuro to protect momo. This setup is also subtly teased back when kanjuro took momo...
  10. Roronoa-sama

    Sanji will fight only with gifter

    Now when all the big enemic have their rival and the only big problem it's the number of gifter Sanji will deal with it:finally: @Chrono @MonsterZoro @MonsterKaido @Finalbeta @Debanv @rerere @GreenEggsAHam @Zoro D Goat @ZoroSlaysDragonTuna
  11. Orojackson Refugee

    Current Events Sanji just leaked Robin’s whereabout to CP0

    Uh-oh, epic fail from mr. spy there
  12. ZoroMazino

    Speculations Sanji will fight Orochi

    Sanji is very close to the red scabbards he even saved Momonosuke He is the only character after the worst generation to know they lost to Kaido. Orochi is surely alive and will try to kill them all, since they are unconscious they won't be able to do anything against him but luckily Sanji...
  13. Warchief Sanji D Goat

    Fanclub Stag Beetle Gifter-sama!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the FC of one of the coolest Gifter of the Beast Pirates!!!!!! Since we have a similar thread like this with the spider Gifter-sama, might as well make one for Beetlejuice himself. The one that makes Zoro run in fear.:steef::steef: Trolling aside, you can discuss anything about...
  14. Roronoa-sama

    Fanclub Spider gifter sama

    Hi guys it's the moment to open the doors of the temple from the most danger enemic of sanji: Mister Spider gifter-sama @Finalbeta @Le Fishe D. Crydo @Den_Den_Mushi @Garp the Fist @Gol D. Roger @Haoshoku @Nidai_Kitetsu @ShishioIsBack @Cinera @BossYimz @Rivaille @Reborn @Geo @Buggy D Clown...
  15. Luffy bin Dragon

    Anime & Manga Is Usopp more durable than base Sanji

    After taking an Ulti skull canon he appears to be fine a couple minutes later with only a couple bruises. Hell his broken tooth even regenerated While Sanji taking way less damage appears in a worse state
  16. Fleet Leader Fenaker


    - Hey Guys ; today we will talk about Zoro CoO Feat and it has an island range : :finally: :queenhear: N.B : the ppl who don't want to read this essay can skip all the things below and can read my answer to shishio with a map posted there that explains all the things i showed here .:cheers: -...
  17. S

    Chapter Discussion .

  18. Scum Slayer

    Break Week Which characters can take a stab from Killer’s scythe and don’t faint?

    Which characters can take a stab from Killer’s scythe and don’t faint? Jinbei: He tanked Akainu’s magma fist which killed Ace. Whitebeard: He died standing while taking a lot of stabs and bombs. Katakuri: He stabbed his stomach with Mogura and still was fast enough to dodge Snakeman. Oven: From...
  19. Fel1x

    General & Others Why Sanji is FM now and how it was foreshadowed long ago

    as far as I know, some people like to laugh at Sanji and meme about him but let's face absolute facts and compare him to Zoro: 1) his bounty is higher. yeah, I'm not of those guys who make arguments comparing some characters by their bounty. but it is fact, so I stated it here. 2) He was the...
  20. ZoroGOAT

    Break Week Timeskip Fails

    Ill begin with FL when He was captured by Hody 1600854214 Since all people talk is Sanjis Fails, But IMO Sanji only failed in figths while Zoros fails are when he was useless and didnt do nothing, like recently in wano when luffy said zoro was useless ...