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Charles almost for sure just Mel lol. His push to lynch Pero on D1 as Belric tracks. Not to mention I already said that if he is the Night King and makes a zombie all it takes is for Mafia to shoot them and for them to flip zombie for Charles to get recked lol.
Yeah it'd risky for NK to come out like that anyhow. Charlie should be Mel only​
Game of Thrones Mafia - Day 4

Final Vote Count

Melkor 7- Dofla, Nana, Hime, Zolo, Phoenix, Ratchet, RippedCal, Kagurashii
Lethal 1 - Kweh
Ratchet 1 - Melkor
Broki 6 - TPein, Ekko, Prof, Charlie, Pot Goblin

'What was it you said, 'Fuck the King'? Insulting your King is punishable by death ... you lived a dog, now die as one. Ser Ilyn!

Sandor Clegane
3x Vigilante

‘I understand that if any more words come pouring from your cunt mouth, I’m going to have to eat every fucking chicken in this room’

Congratulations, you are Sandor Clegane, Rebellion Aligned! The former sworn shield of Prince (and later King) Joffrey Baratheon, you deserted the city defence at the Battle of the Blackwater, owing to your long standing fear of fire. As a child, your brother Gregor scarred you for life by pressing your face into a brazier as you were playing with one of his toys, and since then, you have wanted revenge on the real monster in your family.

Known as a savage, but equally skilled fighter, you are of an enormous frame, though smaller than your brother. You possess a twisted, and yet consistent morality that betrays your sense of honour, even though the idea of knights and their songs are laughable to you. You went out of your way to treat both Sansa and Arya Stark with a sense of affection, and at various points have protected both of them against far worse men. Make no mistake though, you are also one of the most prodigious killers in all of the Seven Kingdoms.

In this game, you have the following roles:

- 3x Vigilante (you may target a player at night and kill them)

You win when all threats to your alignment are eliminated.

It is now Night 4. You have 14 hours to get your roles in.
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I present you Arp’s lawyer:

She flipping both sides on Arp which is something Ultra pointed out if you actually click on the post right below

Immediately fucking bailed on him without considering things might have been whacky result wise. TMI?

If Kagura isn’t Red Hime really might be trying to die her to her teammate:

She did go against Pero tho:

Opinions on Arp/Pero wagons:

Who immediately fucking bailed on him without considering things might have been whacky result wise:

If Kagura isn’t Red Hime really migjt be
i 100% fully stand by what i said about arp regarding the newbie thing

i dont really care if i sound like im "defending a scum mate", personally i think my reasoning was completely sound on that and im pretty sure other ppl would agree on that too if they read what i said in detail
obviously, someone later said that arp's town meta was way different to being voted on but i never met the guy before so theres no way i couldve known that

as for the switching sides thing, that was bc inactives just started piling votes on him for no real reason. if i was scum and my team mate fucked up and was being called out by 2 good townie seeming players, i would rather put my vote earlier than later. most ppl r not going to expect scum to try and bus their teammate in the early stages of a wagon since bussing is usually subconsciously thought of as a last resort action. if the person flips red, then its almost like ur "cleared" or at least "half-cleared" for the rest of the game bc u joined the wagon really early on. at least this is coming from my own view and experience

after bringing up the bussing thing, i later admitted that i was probably overthinking things bc its just generally something ive ended up doing a lot in mafia in past games and i went with my best guess on arps alignment

i think my opinions on the wagons were solid

and yes, i completely "turned on arp" if u could call it that. y should i have any reason to believe arp is not scum when i didnt strongly read him town in the first place and we had someone who copped him saying with 100% confidence that he got a guilty on arp? idk about u but im sure any townie in their right mind would trust the cop result bc the person claiming cop is literally outing themselves to push for the lynch and it was just dp2. obviously there could have been whacky results but if so, y would cop specifically say the result is "100% reliable"? it makes no sense to doubt someone who has made themselves a target and can be that confident in his result (unless he is bluffing and is scum and in that case we would just lynch him next dp)
You were agreeing with Yo that they didn’t know each other. But still saying there would be 7 of them.

Then you made the 3 more comment which would be 7 bc: Pot, Neeko, and Blue were claimed + Chevy. 3 more = 7.

So you’re lying right now lol.

I will say the other one I quoted adds up to 6 but still it’s weird you just lied lol.
3 more red?
Game of Thrones Mafia - Night 4

Winter is here.

All roles with greater than 2 shots remaining, including unlimited roles are now reduced to 2x shots. This does not include factional kills.

At the end of every day phase, the weak shall perish. The player with the least posts will die if they have less posts than me.


The dragons have been spotted ranging over the Dothraki sea. The Dragonqueen gathers her strength ...

In the North, the Wall stands defiant in the face of the shambling dead ...

The Iron Victory has passed through the Redwyne Straits, and makes east ...


All she ever wanted was to be a knight. She died sword in hand ...

Brienne of Tarth
Seraph Knight

‘Young or old, a true knight is sworn to protect those who are weaker than himself, or die in the attempt.’

Congratulations, you are Brienne of Tarth, Rebellion Aligned! Having spent your life as a subject of ridicule and scorn owing to your ugly appearance and lack of feminine grace, you have resolved to be a truer knight than any. You are in search of a lord worth serving, and thought you had found one in the form of Renly Baratheon, who treated you with respect and courtesy.

Standing well over six feet tall, you are a strong and adept fighter, even overpowering Ser Jaime Lannister when he attempted to escape, men have been underestimating you all your life. You are brave and loyal, almost to a fault, and your time with Ser Jaime changed him for the better. Charged by him to find the Stark girls, you now begin your quest …

In this game, you have the following roles:

- 1x Seraph Knight (You may pick a target and protect them from killing actions. This protection will only work during night phases, will come into effect the night you use it and will persist until you or your target are dead. Every night of protection will trigger a visit, and this will be subject to blocking/misdirection where appropriate. This will persist until the end of the game, or until your target is dead)

You win when all threats to your alignment are eliminated.

Neeko has been poisoned, and will die at the end of the following Night phase unless he is healed.

@Underworld Broker has been revived!

It is now Day 5, with 21 alive, 11 votes to lynch. You have 36 hours.

From this point onward, phase duration will start to decrease.
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Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
WakandaForever - Robb Stark
Arp - Ramsay Snow (Claimed to be Arya Stark) (Dead)
Pero - The Mountain (Claimed to be Beric Dondarrion) (Dead)

TAC - Catelyn Stark (Dead)
Chevy - Grey Worm (Dead)
Worst - Tyrion Lannister (Dead)
T-Pein - Jamie Lannister (Body Guard)
Fuji/Prof - Brienne of Tarth (Protector) (Dead)
Lord Melkor - Stannis (Census Claim + Alert Town)
Census: 15/6/5/2/1/1 15\6/4/2/1/1/1

KWEH - JOAT (Saw T-Pein as Body Guard, Watched Worst N2, Tried to Track Melkor)
Ekko - Viper
Kagu - Sansa Stark (Vanilla with conditional active)
Cooler - Walder Frey (Dead)
Michelle - Gendry (Dead)
Tyler Herro - Renly Baratheon (Dead)

SoulKiller - Euron Greyjoy (Dead)
Neeko - Ser Barristan Selmy (Knight Cop)
Charlie - Melisandre
Nana - Mace Tyrell (Vanilla)
Ratchet - Sam Tarly
Pot Goblin - Dany Targy (Doublevote)
Blue - Missandei (Healer)
Broker - The Hound (Vig) (Resurrected)
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