Chapter Discussion Attack on Titan - Chapter 139 : Facing That Tree On The Hill

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The official dialogue changed the ending for me. Eren told Armin the same thing he told Zeke.

First let’s get some things out the way:

The Ymir stuff is still bad.
Eren simping for Mikasa is pretty cringe.
Eren killing his mom is weird (but not as bad you think, will address later).

Now, here’s where the official dialogue changes things. Apparently, Eren actually did WANT to finish the rumbling. In fact, the answer he gives Armin in the official is literally the same answer he gives Zeke in the Paths chapters. “I don’t know... I was BORN like this.”

So now things get really weird. It looks like Eren both wanted to complete the rumbling AND wanted to have his friends stop him/do a Lelouch. He also tells Armin he didn’t know if they’d actually stop him or not.

It looks like Eren created a situation where either he’d commit omnicide or do a Lelouch and just decided let things play out. It’s weird, but that is actually MUCH more consistent with his character based on what we saw in 131.

For the mom stuff, it’s not like Eren knew about it when he asked Reiner why he killed his mom. Remember, he didn’t know he made his dad kill the royals until he did. Anyone who says “but why didn’t Eren change __ instead...” is missing the fact that it was established that AOT exists in a predestination paradox back in the Paths chapters.

All of this to say, I don’t think the ending is good, just meh, but not nearly bad enough to ruin the series.
Caught up after chapter 106 ! Good that this story ended early or was fated to end up in pure mess like how Naruto Ship ended.
It's also lesson to one big mangaka that you don't need 1k chapters to convey your story , no matter how good it is.
About plot yeah Yamir's character was really questionable !
Eren being master mind left some plot holes and he wasn't convincing as Izen from Bleach.
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And also Misaka Eren love i never felt in early manga , specially his father called her as daughter ...
Max they felt as good friends to me...But no big deal anyway
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When you find out that this panel no longer makes any sense or leaves any impact. Such a powerful scene is reduced to a joke. Let that sink in.
Agreed ! Such a shame
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Overall : 8/10
Author should have work more on characters like Erin and Yamir, knowing it wasn't weekly series
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I have let it sink in for a few days. Reread it, tried to understand, but... nope, its just bad and makes no sense.

But hey, the author just skipped all answers to open mysteries by the words: "Only Ymir knows".... wow...
The more I read the less sense it makes

- If Eren was aware that the curse will end then he could have just used Historia rather than refusing to turn her into a titan
- Eren was against Historia getting pregnant out of the need to protect herself and offered her to run away or fight MPs.
- Eren says in his "inner thoughts" that he's willing to die if his death can mean something but was crying in the last chapter saying he doesn't want to die
- Eren had a clear reason to do the rumbling, end the cycle of hate, a cycle of children eating their parents, taking children out of the forest, slavery being bad, his freedom, and so on. Suddenly his reason to do rumbling because he wanted to do it.
- Historia pregnancy sub-plot that Isayama emphasis a lot throughout the entire timeskip actually meant nothing.
- Ymir wanted freedom that's why she was trapped in the paths but suddenly it was not freedom but she just needs to see a girl kill her crush.
- In the entire story, Isayama time, again and again, has implied that being born is a beautiful thing, and shouldn't be done out of need but love so how can historia sub-plot be just plain bad?
- We see in the end chapter that Mikasa actually still grieving for Eren and yet to move on then how Ymir actually got freed if Mikasa still suffering and can't move on from Eren?
- Armin, during the entire rumbling arc, tells you that genocide is bad, killing bad, and we should find another way but suddenly in the last chapter he says "Eren thank you for becoming a mass murderer for us."
- Reiner is suddenly a creep who sniff married woman letter
- Jean who was in depression due to the rumbling being his key to freedom actually setting his hair to impress girls after 80% of the world was killed for them where 20% is left in the war.
- It was Annie who delivered the "What about you" line of Eren living a long life as well but not Jean who Eren legit consider a good friend.
- What Eren was doing with historia when Farmer was first introduced
- Why Historia did not marry the farmer and lied about her pregnancy date?

And there are still a hell of lot of points that make no sense so I really don't get how this chapter is anywhere close to a good or good ending lol