Chapter Discussion Attack on Titan - Chapter 139 : Facing That Tree On The Hill

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Thats the thing i dont understand

Didnt Eren freed Ymir here ? So why was fucking Mikasa the key ?
That's not the worst part... there are way too many contradictions. I thought she needed someone to make her realize she does not belong to anyone or has to follow others and she's a person who can make her own choice but turns out, she was always free in the sense Eren made her free and she just simp for the man who enslaved her lol
Nami is too cheap showing everyone her curves and all. Robin and Hancock have more exclusive vibes to em
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Indeed, it had so many legendary moments
I just wish I can forget everything after the rumbling starts
I wish yuusuke murata make alternate ending where Eren executes his genocide real good.
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When you find out that this panel no longer makes any sense or leaves any impact. Such a powerful scene is reduced to a joke. Let that sink in.
Im more hurt because of this panel

Becomes empty and meaningless. By not fulfilling this best manga panel of all time, Eren literally has become a cup of yogurt.
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