Chapter Discussion Chapter 1054 Is Pure Garbage

If he finds a way to let go of the unnecessary running and fodder reactions it would be doable .
But that's a big IF
In my eyes it wouldn't make sense anymore.

People would rightfully ask where the proportionality is.

Getting about 100 chapters of the actual meat in the story, the great stuff everyone wants to see, while mere setup arcs like DR or WCI had roughly the same amount of chapters and even the raid on Onigashima alone got this many chapters (not starting on whole Wano's 150 chapters).

Heck, we spent 30 chapters on BM crying "weeeeedddddiiiiinnnnngggg caaaaakeeeee!" and another 30 chapters on irrelevant sumo wrestlers and Udon snoozefest and all the good stuff now gets only 100 chapter?

Nah, this would suck ass.