And here's the last character discussion thread on the original Straw Hat Pirates. Here's you can talk about the cook and most notorious pervert in One Piece history memorable for his love of cuisine, and his even greater one of beautiful women, his courteous attitude mixed with strong lecherous traits, his comedic rivalry with Zoro and his swirly eyebrows.

The one and only Sanji, of his full name Vinsmoke Sanji nicknamed "Black Leg" for his leg using fighting style.

What are your opinions on Sanji, his powers, his history, his relationships with others and his personnality ? How do you find his evolution over the story ? What are the things that you like or dislike about him ? His favorite moments ? Interactions with others ? His worst moments ?


To find the All Blue!
A chivalrous cook, dressed in a stylish suit, who intentionally nerfs himself by using only his legs to fight, because his hands are "solely to cook and love ladies" and is one of the kindest people in the One Piece manga?
Has a "pervert gag".
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Got a black power ranger suit.
Low key okama.

likely one of the best cooks in the world.

Would be much stronger if he didnt nerf himself for stupid reasons, and if trained more.

Power ranger, Mommy's boy.

Was a great character pre-ts, became just an okayish character after the TS, became a "meh" character after WCI.

Had one of the best recuring gags pre-ts, became one of the worst gags after the ts(Nosebleed of death that actualy puts his life in danger is just too cringe for me).

Pre TS=Gentlemanly suave simp
After TS= thristy sex offender
I like him more now than from before Whole Cake Island, not just because the decidedly played up nose bleeding had been played down afterwards, but also because I now see sides to him that I don’t ever think I ever saw that much before, in regards to how he stands up for himself in confronting his supposed family that treated him like crap, as well as how he reconciles his relationship with Luffy after Sanji chose to attack and disrespect him, regardless of what intent he had.