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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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How can Kaioku get past Retsubi? honestly thought Yotanwa would be the one to solve the rations problem
Same here i also had the same opinion last week before rereading the YTW battle.

You see YTW also can't move out to help Gyou just yet. Tho they may have taken the city but the issue is that they still can't trust the Quanrong man completely and their numbers are probably greater than her own, hence have only allowed few % of men inside the city. Also they are there to checkmate SSJ if he tries to make it to Gyou.

Bt i was thinking Heki might come in with some help, he also had a panel about the same. Maybe he will, it could be twist for last moment, bt chances are now less since Kai Ouku himself came with supplies.

Also, if SSJ goes after Koi Oku towards Gyou, than we can see YTW n his Brave Mountain warriors.
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