Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Gyou'un's death was better than Akou's

Bananji probably going to have the worse one
Gyou'Un dying to Ouhon left a bad taste in my mouth
He was clashing and being set up as a Shin opponent at the beginning
Ouhon and Shin should have switched their CGR, Gyou'Un kills
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She will maybe live but couldn’t fight anymore
She is a mess
Arc is over so it doesn't matter if she can't fight for now
We'll see her a couple years later
Arc is over so it doesn't matter if she can't fight for now
We'll see her a couple years later
There's still all the YTW side of the battle stuff left, arc isn't over. Which is why it feels weird imo all this SBS Ousen stuff that screams end of the battle happening now when the YTW side, Kitari/Heki rescue, Hango trap, etc has barely begun.

Ousen runs away and leaves YTW to deal with all the Zhao army by herself?
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Yes. Riboku may have come up with the grand master plan but Seika had to actually execute it and deal with one of the strongest Qin Armies. Shared Seika/Riboku victory.
L OwlKi. Ousen didn't share his W with HSU, Ouhon, and Mouten. Why we gotta share this with Seika?! HMMMMMM WHY OWL KI, WHY?!!
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His Bananji wank was declining so I had him sent to hell for a bit. He's getting Iron Hammer Fist training to comeback with the right mental attitude to carry on the wank in my absence and not give into scrubs like Kanmei/Houken/etc.
He did though. It was the initiative of those three that won the Battle of Shukai Plains. Ousen himself even stated it was those three that won Qin the battle. Lol.
Who cares if Riboku also acknowledged they'd be winning the middle due to Seika's strength. Just like who cared if Ousen acknowledged he won due to Ouhon/Shin/Mouten's role that SHK groomed them for. AM I RIGHT @Shanks ? :D