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I feel like we're going to see Sentoun trapped into some defensive bitch formation like the Ryuudou next chapter. Gohoumei seems fully prepared for Sento'Un's attack even without Rokuomi's help, i'm quite sure he's also hiding another martial beast (Jun Ei?) within his central army.

I know GHM needed a help to obsereve the entire battlefield against Duke Hyo, but he should have completely surpassed Reiou by now. He could be able to see the entire field while at ground level.
Dude i need to see Gohoumei let loose and shock the entire battlefield with his strategy.
I have high expectations for him.
If Go Hou Mei doesn't take care of Sen To Un with his defensive tactics, Wei would look really weak in comparison. They already lost a General and if Qin needs to go and help them defend their HQ, they might as well have not entered the war at all. My predictions for future events of this war;
  1. Man'U gets taken out by Moubu with or without help.
  2. Tou takes out the Jukko HQ
  3. Go Hou Mei stalls or deals with Sentoun for good.
  4. Gen'U falls by the hands of Junei
  5. None of the "not Chu" Generals will survive.
  6. Ranbihaku may or may not fall. But assuming the scale of this battle, he might.
Korean chapter link :

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Summary thanks jeeswag and TKC :

Qin Side:
After Moubu goes down Manu asks if somethings wrong with Moubu since he thinks himself weaker than Kanmei. The Qin HQ hears of the strategy to have Tou and Moubu be the main attack. While Tou is making great progress they catch wind that Moubu is caught up with Manu and wonders why Moubu isn't demolishing thru. Moubu's horse signals Moubu to get back up. Manu's soldiers tell him to finish Moubu while he's down while another soldier says to wait since Manu's been acting weird since a while ago. Moubu gets up, says beating Kanmei is irrelevant and says he'll crush Manu. Manu replies that's what he likes to hear.

Wei Side:
Sentoun's pushing past the Wei and gets close to their HQ before being hit by Ryuuhan and his soldiers. While they're being held back by Ryuuhan Rokuomi starts to catch up with Sentoun to which he replies "good hehe."

Qin Side:
As Moubu's getting knocked around his soldiers wonders if Manu's actually weaker than Kanmei. Manu's soldier hears this and says since Manu and Kanmei have never gone face to face there's no way to tell. But in the past Manu's taken down multiple generals from Chu. Despite that, seeing Moubu cause Manu to bleed is enough to confirm he really took down Kanmei. Manu says that he knows full well that if backed into a corner Moubu'll get stronger because of what he is carrying. Manu says he also used to carry something big with him as he fought, however now he is empty and at peace. Moubu's soldier wonders if it's because he lost his nation but Manu's soldier says it's the opposite starting from what Manu's carrying. Manu asks to see Moubu's real strength, to bring the full strength of what he is carrying to the front so that he can crush it and enjoy this fight.

Chu Side:
Jukoou notices what's happening with Manu while he receives a report about Tou getting close. He wonders since when Qin and Wei started to get along so well to use this kind of strategy. His soldiers think it's best to retreat toward Juuko and defend from there.

Juuko's soldiers are wondering how the battle is going and complains that they have to defend the castle. As they complain they see the Wei approaching with their siege towers in tow.

No break next week!
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Korean Scans Ch. 658: https://manatoki81.net/comic/5879359
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My man, Tou!! :finally:
Chapter summary thanks to jeeswag in TKC :

The Chu are caught off guard and the Wei army is dominating the battle on the walls. It's to the point where the Wei are preparing to enter the city gates.

Qin Side:
Tou is getting close to the HQ and Hakurei shoots an arrow at him. Tou dodges saying if he knows it's coming he can dodge it. Hakurei's soldier asks if they should reposition and he replies saying Yoku will get him. Yoku catches up to Tou and Tou's soldier asks him to provide 10 riders to block Yoku but Tou says to wait. Ranbihaku shows up to block Yoku so Tou's group starts their charge again.

Chu Side:
Jukoou's soldiers asks for orders and he says they're going to retreat all the way back to the castle. He says that Manu's acting very strangely. Usually he would push past the enemy and go on the offensive but this time he isn't pushing thru and is playing defense instead. Manu being like this was outside of his predictions and the Qin and Wei aren't so fragile they'll just crumble with Genu and Sentoun's attacks. His soldiers ask if it means Manu will lose and Jukoou says it doesn't matter since they have nothing to really protect. However, that same Manu who lost everything is experiencing a change that is more interesting to him than the outcome of the battle. The one who is causing that change is without a doubt Moubu. It's been a long time since Manu has met a proper man like Moubu, someone who reminds him of his past self.

Qin Side:
Manu says he has no idea what Moubu is shouldering. If it's about someone who has died then the strength will be eternal. However if it's from someone who's alive he must be prepared for one thing. That the person who is giving him strength might betray his expectations in the future. Moubu tells him to stop spouting nonsense and smacks him down to the ground.

Chu Side:
Jukoou orders to sound the signal for retreat and the narration says perhaps his greatest miscalculation was the change in Manu. However, another miscalculation would be his grasp on the overwhelming breakthrough power of Tou who was Gouhoumei's main attack.

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