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Damn, what a sudden ending for Juuko Ou lol. This is what happens when you sit around sipping tea while Tou is aiming for your throat lol.

Here’s to hoping that we learn more about him post-Mortem, these Juuko guys have really fascinated me so far lol. Mainly Man’U and Juuko Ou, I want to know more of their histories with the Chu.
Kind of sucks also since this chapter shows Moubu gaining the upper hand against Man'U, hopefully Man'U doesn't go down next chapter, hasn't seen this much hype with a new general since Gyou'un.
This is actually quite unbelievable and too quick for finishing things at Juuko.

But bigger thing is Manu hinting about certain betrayal and i am really hating this way of foreshadowing. What's this "if that man is alive or dead"..... lol
I actually think it's okay. You have to understand most of the Generals present hear are martial beast and they are not necessarily under the direct command of Jukou or Homei (grand strategist who may take things slow). I always thought Man u Mobu, the obnoxious young general with a sword etc would escalate this war real quick and decide it within a day or two. They don't have the patience to run a marathon, it was always going to be a sprint.

Admiral Lee Hung

This is actually quite unbelievable and too quick for finishing things at Juuko.
I actually think this is flawlessly consistent with how we understand optimal tactics to function.

You always want to eliminate the “brain” of an army first. At Bayou, Ouki’s tactics weren’t focused on eliminating Houken, it was Fuuki and Chou Sou that he focused on slaying because they were the brains behind the Zhao. And remember, Fuuki was slain on day one of that battle, and then the Zhao immediately knew that Ouki’s next target would be Chou Sou and did everything they could to protect him.

At Shukai Plains, Ousen remarked that the Qin right wing had made a mistake in their plan to slay Gakuei, and that they should’ve actually focused on eliminating Chou Garyuu because he was the brain of the right wing army.

You need to take out the brain first. Tou killing Juukou Ou this quick is just good warfare lol. You don’t want to mess around and fight a big prolonged war in a situation like this, and with Juuko Ou dead, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Chu are finished unless they can even the odds by slaying Hou Mei and Mou Ki which...yeah that won’t happen lol.

This is the point where the Chu will start to fall apart and it’s because of Tou Sama

Unless Moubu dies to Man’U of course lol. But that won’t happen either.
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Admiral Lee Hung

@Desolate Smaug @Admiral Lee Hung it's just that with all the hype about Jukoou (being an amazing strategist) and than other three generals being amazing power house as well, i thought it's going to be a prolonged war. And together with great drama as Tou and GHM (both archenemy) being working together. Lol
I understand, but Juuko Ou being slain doesn’t mean this won’t be a prolonged war first off lol.

But second, even if this battle lasts less than a day, have these Juuko generals not lived up to the hype? ManU floored Moubu with one arm, GenU easily slayed a martial Wei General, Sento Un fought Rokuomi and Ranbihaku at the same time...is it not already clear as day that these guys are extremely strong, and if they lose this quick then their defeat doesn’t mean they aren’t already as strong as we know them to be? Lol
I understand, but Juuko Ou being slain doesn’t mean this won’t be a prolonged war first off lol.
They had already lost the Juuko as Wei army is already got inside of it and most probably Juukou going to die next week, so don't know for how long they are going to hold against the alliance....

Also, as i said before, i was expecting a prolonged war as it would be amazing with these strong guys. And than some drama between Wei and Qin armies. Lol
Korean Scans Ch. 658: https://manatoki81.net/comic/5879359
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My man, Tou!! :finally:
is the enemy strategist think tou will come to him in no time n there'll be someone really strong protect him? :noo:
*edited i dont think the strategist will be saved :gokulaugh:
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2013 vs 2020

"Curse you, Ou Ki, for hiding this" :akaman:

Bruh seriously look at that psychopath look at Ju Ko Ou:

When i first read kingdom, i kinda anoyed with tou looks. But it feel really good to see his face still calm when he is almost take enemies strategist head. :cheers:
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I guess the spoilers will be here in the next 24 hours
Lets just hope Juko ou survives :kayneshrug:
Actually i want him to throw Tou off his horse with a one armed swing and say: the last time i had to engage in battle myself was against Kanmei when i lol diffed him and he ran away
Chapter 659 korean scans :

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Chapter summary thanks to Jeeswag and the TKC :

Chu HQ: After Tou arrives they immediately takes control and replaces the Chu flag with the Qin flag. Both Mouki and GHM orders the troops to spread the news as soon as they see it. Battlefield: The news spread fast and a lot of the Chu soldiers couldn't fully believe it until they saw their flag was gone and lost their strength. The combined forces of the Wei and Qin armies were able to take down the impenetrable force of Juuko. However, GHM and Tou didn't let down their guards due to the existence of the other 3 generals. Though the soldiers tell him they can keep fighting Genu chooses to retreat. Kouyoku doesn't understand why when they can keep fighting while Hakurei wonders if it's to preserve their strength to fight at another location before also retreating. Sentoun's soldiers also say they should retreat and he says it's no fun. The Wei army intends to take them out while they're this far in while Sentoun says he survived again. Manu vs Moubu: Manu says he still has stuff to discuss with Moubu so he tells him to stay as he is like now until then. Moubu says there won't be a next time and charges after him and clashing with Manu again. Manu holds him back and tells him he hopes Moubu won't forget what he's carrying with him before making his exit.

Qin HQ:
The Qin soldiers sees the Chu retreating and starts celebrating until Mouki says it's not over yet. They still have the task of taking the city of Juuko. Then a soldier comes in with a report from Wei that says they attacked and took Juuko while the rest were battling out in this battlefield. The Qin are shocked. GHM also receives the report that they took Juuko.

Rokuomi meets with Tou and says they weren't all that great at the end of the day. Though it was mostly due to the strength of the combined Qin-Wei armies. Tou says the plan by the Wei had a big part in their victory and that without it he doesn't know how it would've ended. Rokuomi says they would've won even without it then notices Jukoou tied up and asks why he's left alive. Tou responds saying he doesn't just kill everyone in sight like Rokuomi and that he has some things to ask him about. Tou asks Jukoou about Juuko's secret. He says the Juuko army's character is too different from the Chu and that Juuko just has something different about it. Jukoou says he'll tell them as long as they call Moubu over. He says they, especially Moubu, need to hear the story of Juuko and Manu's backstory.

Break next week
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I always thought it was odd that Hata would kill Jukoou so early on and end the battle so early on, but I guess theres more to this campaign (hopefully)

I really wish that we’ll get more development and awesome backstory. I hope we can finally see the overarching antagonist finally too, Kouen. I think he may have crushed these four’s spirits.

Also don’t be surprise if Hara does a plot twist at Juuko, maybe Wei failed and it’s only Chu impersonating at Wei. Yeah might sound stupid but we’ve definitely seen some insane plot twists in a siege of a city (like Gyou for example)
A few days ago I saw a page on reddit where a 6 year old Tou was training with his master
Was that an actual chapter for Tou like the Riboku/Kaine one that i missed or was it just a fanmade/meme thing?