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Chapter 659 korean scans :

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Chapter summary thanks to Jeeswag and the TKC :

Chu HQ: After Tou arrives they immediately takes control and replaces the Chu flag with the Qin flag. Both Mouki and GHM orders the troops to spread the news as soon as they see it. Battlefield: The news spread fast and a lot of the Chu soldiers couldn't fully believe it until they saw their flag was gone and lost their strength. The combined forces of the Wei and Qin armies were able to take down the impenetrable force of Juuko. However, GHM and Tou didn't let down their guards due to the existence of the other 3 generals. Though the soldiers tell him they can keep fighting Genu chooses to retreat. Kouyoku doesn't understand why when they can keep fighting while Hakurei wonders if it's to preserve their strength to fight at another location before also retreating. Sentoun's soldiers also say they should retreat and he says it's no fun. The Wei army intends to take them out while they're this far in while Sentoun says he survived again. Manu vs Moubu: Manu says he still has stuff to discuss with Moubu so he tells him to stay as he is like now until then. Moubu says there won't be a next time and charges after him and clashing with Manu again. Manu holds him back and tells him he hopes Moubu won't forget what he's carrying with him before making his exit.

Qin HQ:
The Qin soldiers sees the Chu retreating and starts celebrating until Mouki says it's not over yet. They still have the task of taking the city of Juuko. Then a soldier comes in with a report from Wei that says they attacked and took Juuko while the rest were battling out in this battlefield. The Qin are shocked. GHM also receives the report that they took Juuko.

Rokuomi meets with Tou and says they weren't all that great at the end of the day. Though it was mostly due to the strength of the combined Qin-Wei armies. Tou says the plan by the Wei had a big part in their victory and that without it he doesn't know how it would've ended. Rokuomi says they would've won even without it then notices Jukoou tied up and asks why he's left alive. Tou responds saying he doesn't just kill everyone in sight like Rokuomi and that he has some things to ask him about. Tou asks Jukoou about Juuko's secret. He says the Juuko army's character is too different from the Chu and that Juuko just has something different about it. Jukoou says he'll tell them as long as they call Moubu over. He says they, especially Moubu, need to hear the story of Juuko and Manu's backstory.

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Didnt see that coming, i thought the strategist face wont be that calm again but he still calm even he almost get killed.
And i think its better option to capture the strategist alive then torture him to spill the bean out.:goyea:
I wouldn't mind to see Man U becoming a vassal to Moubu. Moubu needs some strong/outstanding underlings. He is probably the one GG with the most mediocre retinue. Even Ousen and Ouki regular Generals have more impressive vassals than him.
@Shanks any other alternatives for spoilers other than this site? I think i'm lucky the panels don't load for me, this chapter is too hype to read the raw lol.
Previously Manamoa was providing chapters on monday or french site sometimes.

Though there hasn't been anyone on TKC this week who has put up imgur version of this chapter. :(
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@Blackbeard or you can join TKC ;)
Chapter summary thanks to Jeeswag and the TKC :

Qin HQ:
Jukoou starts by saying what Tou said about them holding something different than the regular Chu is wrong because they are all empty. Though Manu and Sentoun probably lost all thoughts of it they used to be generals who were heroes of two different countries that fought off the Chu on multiple occasions. The fact that those two countries weren't subjugated was due to the existence of the two on their respective sides.

Manu's army has won against the opposing Chu army and as they check on their damages they notice Sentoun's army winning against the Chu as well and decides to return to the castle.

Manu was very popular with the people of their country, so much that even the young were excited to finally be of age to join the next battle and fight by his side. Manu heads to the castle to meet with the king and the king says they cannot keep up the fight with the Chu and is intending on surrendering. Manu says that except for a few of the influential people the other people of their country will lose everything. There has been a report saying about half a year ago there was another country that surrendered to the Chu and rumor has it the people were all taken as slaves. Manu refused to let that happen to their country. The King's aide says the King is saying there is no future for their country if they continue to fight against the Chu regardless. Manu's aide says there is another way, to ally themselves with Sentoun from the other country. However, since the two countries have always been enemies the King's aide says that's even less tolerable than surrendering to the Chu. Manu says that they can talk about this alliance later and that for now he will continue to fend off the Chu and asks the King to put to rest the talks of surrender.

One day when Manu's army was off on a far away battlefield his country opened up their doors and surrendered to the Chu. Manu's army lost a place to return to and lost a place to protect. Because Manu's army never surrendered they continued to fight with the Chu. Despite losing everything Manu was still strong. After fighting for days on days Manu discovered one last thing. After winning a battle he took a look and saw the child who wished to fight by his side dead on the ground. Without them realizing it the Chu has placed the people of their old country into their armies to fight them. Through that the people of their old country began to become extinct. After sitting on that for a long time the old Manu has died inside.

Qin HQ:
The Qin realizes that not only the King but the people of the country all betrayed Manu. Jukoou says under similar circumstances Sentoun was also broken. It was in that instance of realization that those two also surrendered to the Chu. Genu and Jukoou also similarly lost their country they fought for and it was then Shun Shin Kun gave them Juuko to defend. Even broken they were strong so giving them a position to defend was a good idea, was probably what he thought. Because they were able to fight well despite losing everything. Tou asks if that's the truth of Juuko. Rokuomi says they still won regardless and Jukoou says it's because Manu experienced a change. Jukoou says it was fun figuring out whether people were good or bad from the moment they are born. But it all stopped when he left the research on the table and went to the battlefield as a soldier. There are battles, winners and losers. The weak will be lost and good and evil will cross paths. If there's no way to split the good and evil then there's no meaning in even trying. In the end his conclusion is that people are stupid. Rokuomi agrees to the surprise of his aide.

Tou asks what he wants to say. Jukoou says the fact that Manu's bright heart dying is perhaps the greatest tragedy he has ever seen. Though he thought the tragedy would end as a tragedy there has been a change and that Moubu is the cause of that change. He doesn't know the specifics of it but there's no doubt that something about Moubu that got to Manu. Moubu's soldier recalls Manu saying something about what Moubu is shouldering. Jukoou says "hoh" then says if the heavens allow it they will meet again. Jukoou hopes that beyond the tragedy Manu has faced there is something more for him. That there would be something beyond the foolishness of man. Jukoou says he is done saying his piece about Manu and that they can take his head while leaving the observation of the outcome to them.

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Colosseum Hero
Obviously don't understand anything about the dialogues but what we can see from the two last chapters Tou is really the leading general. MouBu is important and strong but between Tou and MouBu, Tou seems to be in the lead
Obviously don't understand anything about the dialogues but what we can see from the two last chapters Tou is really the leading general. MouBu is important and strong but between Tou and MouBu, Tou seems to be in the lead
I think it's also important to note that Tou will be Houmei's main fight during the Wei campaign, so it's cool to have them interact.
Full Summary by Jeeswag from TKC

Qin HQ:
Jukoou says to take his head already. Tou says they won't kill him here because they need to pry every information about Chu from him for their future battles. Above all else, he must watch Manu's progression with his own eyes.

Juuko army:
As the three generals were heading towards the castle they received a report saying the castle was taken. Seeing no reason to take back the castle Manu directed the army towards Chu's capital. Sentoun and Genu remained silent.

Kouyoku and Hakurei met up with Yoku saying it's their first battle after becoming generals but they're leaving with a really bad taste in their mouth.

Chu Capital:
They receive a report saying Juuko was taken and that Manu is leading the army towards the Chu capital. After she realizes Qin and Wei are really allied Karin says that this alliance will have an adverse effect on both of them. She decides to think about it later and says the army coming to them takes priority. Bamyuu suggests hanging the three generals. Karin tells Rien to change the defense since Juuko will be Wei's castle now. When he asks where she's going she says she needs to talk to Manu who made the stupid choice of coming back without even attempting to take back Juuko.

They receive a report that Juuko has been successfully captured. Sei says good job to Shouheikun and he responds saying the ones who really did a good job were the ones in battle. Shoubunkun asks where the two Qin generals are and the messenger says they are taking refuge in Juuko castle.

The generals from Qin and Wei meet at Juuko. Ryuuhan stands in front of them provoking Rokuomi. GHM says his name and he moves aside. Ranbihaku stares intensely before turning away. Tou says it can't be helped since they've been enemies since long ago. Moubu says he also has no intention of playing nice so he goes his way as well. Rokuomi wonders if Moubu only came in case Ranbihaku acted up. Tou thanks GHM to which he replies they are fated to battle again someday. Tou says it's thanks to them joining that they were able to win. Ryuuhan asks if he's trying to kill them with flattery because he feels annoyed. Rokuomi is provoked once again. GHM says the alliance is only 3 years and that he also has no intention of being friendly. Tou says since they'll be fighting again in 3 years anyway, now is the only time they can talk face to face with no loss on either side. Ryuuhan says for real because he can see the Qin's weakness right there, referring to Rokuomi. GHM tells him to stop messing around. GHM says they accepted the proposal but he has something to ask of Tou as well. It's obvious that this alliance is extremely profittable to Wei but a great failure for Qin. Wei receives Juuko castle from the battle. Not having to worry about Qin attacking from the Wei they can focus their efforts in taking out the Han. Then combine with another army to take everything between there and Juuko to strengthen the area. By the end of the 3 years the Wei will be pose the biggest threat to the Qin.

Mouki says that they know that already. Tou responds saying tho with the 3 year alliance Wei has taken Juuko the Qin plans on taking the entirety of Chu. GHM says they cannot take down the Chu. In the end they will not be able to win against Riboku. Rokuomi asks what he's talking about because they just beat him last year at Gyou. Tou asks if he's referring to a comeback. GHM says when he comes back he will do it in a big style since right now he is biding his time with Shibashou the one who beat Ordo.

Tou says none of it matters because in the span of 3 years they will take Chu, then the Wei shall be next so they better resolve themselves. GHM says they'll suffer a big loss at the hands of the Chu and that they will come to end their breathing for them so survive until then.

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Wasn't Chu supposed to be the last state they conquer? Now it seems it's gonna be the next after Zhao
And spoiler alert
I heard Tou was the one that took Han but now it seems wei will conquer them
Will these 2 campaign both end in failure or is Hara making changes to actual history?
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Will these 2 campaign both end in failure or is Hara making changes to actual history?
Hara takes creative liberties, and provides stuff that I think are minor alternative history takes, but Hara never went as far as changing entire wars & campaigns as far as I could remember, all this should set up for history knowers like us to be curious as how Hara can approach this without changing what we fully know.

Admiral Lee Hung

In regards to the states falling in a specific order, I’ve seen conflicting historical accounts, and without spoiling anything, I really don’t know which states will fall in which order lol.

The only thing I wanted to say, is that just because this may officially mark the beginning of the Qin’s Campaign against Chu, does not mean that Chu will fall any time soon, or even that Chu will fall before states like Yan which Qin has yet to fight lol.

The Qin have been trying to eliminate Zhao for over a year now lol. One battle does not mark the end of an entire state, especially one like Chu lol.

As for what will happen in the future, and I’m just spitballing here with no historical basis: it seems as though the stage is being set for a Civil War against Chu by the Juuko Army. And while the Chu should certainly have many Generals that can respond to such an attack, I can’t think of a better time for us to meet Kou En lol. I think this would be a much more appropriate time than a flashback of what for Chu should very much be for minor events lol.

I’m not sure what Hara has planned for Kou En and his past, maybe there will be a better time to introduce him later on but I really like the idea of meeting him now.
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Tou says none of it matters because in the span of 3 years they will take Chu, then the Wei shall be next so they better resolve themselves. GHM says they'll suffer a big loss at the hands of the Chu and that they will come to end their breathing for them so survive until then.
It should be Zhou here and not Chu. Qin n Wei are in alliance so Qin wouldn't have to worry about Wei while they focus on Zhou.