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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Summary by Jeeswag from TKC

Kyoukai and Rei both use their breaths to fight each other. As they're fighint Rei pulls out the mist technique and Rei mentions Shiki was way better at using the technique. So much that if it was Shiki just now Kyoukai would have died. Then she asks why Shiki's the dead one and Kyoukai's out here breathing. Kyoukai says Shiki was indeed a genius. Kyoukai says this isn't her full strength so if Rei really wants to kill her she'll have to go deeper. Rei charges at her while calling her someone who couldn't overcome the ritual.

Ten asks if Rei actually killed Shiki. Kyoukai says probably. Ten realizes why Rei's in the darkness but asks if she can even be saved. Kyoukai doesn't know however she understands that the one who holds the key to saving Rei is Shiki.

As they continue their fight Rei talks to her sword saying they have to go deeper like in the fight before. As she remembers the past she speeds up. Rei says she went so deep her surroundings seemed to disappear. Kyoukai asks if Shiki went that deep too to which Rei says of course. Shiki was a genius, better than Rei in every way and most fit to be the last one standing at the ritual. Kyoukai asks then how did Shiki die? Rei says it's because she betrayed her.

Kyoukai asks if they made some promise going into the ritual and Rei says they did the opposite. They weren't as wavering as Kyoukai and Shou. They went into the ritual fully prepared to see it through. In order to prevent family members teaming up they were placed as far apart from each other as possible. Before the ritual began Shiki told Rei that this is the end of their good relationship and they're now enemies. Shiki doesn't want to die. She won't hesitate in the ritual and will take her head and be the last one standing. Rei saw those eyes for the first time and thought the rituals really beginning like an idiot (her words not mine). The ritual had intense combat because everyone was strong to the point Rei doesn't remember how long it lasted.

At the end of it she gained consciousness and no one else was moving. She couldnt' see but felt someone behind her. There was one more fighter who was stumbling just like she was. She was about to say something but Shiki didn't give her time to think and pushed off her back. Rei was slower, her thrust versus Shiki's swing. However...

Break Next Week!
Rei underestimating Kyokai was sad....She should know that Kyokai has killed the previous Shiyuu and all her subordinates by herself....And she is nearly a general as per the general warfare....

Rei's backstory is similar to Kai's but also different lol...Seems like Rei accidentally killed Shiki...Let's see how Kai changes Rei in the next chapter