Current Events Has Zoro Been Nerfed All Along?

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I don't think nerfing Zoro wouldn't bring him to his true potential but we will see about this. Good thread as usual though.
Well if Zoro is nerfed he may also not unlock his full potential when it comes to total amount of attacks and not just total power level. It really depends on the situation.
Yup I agree, when I said "not to say Kid doesn't care if Killer gets hurt" I meant like I'm not saying Kid doesn't care, because he does.

But it's simply a nerf for Zoro because, several times in the rooftop fight Luffy has been caught in situations where he needs to be saved from peril (which Cinera already laid out), and Zoro has been so on point, he is sending attacks, doing real damage, and protecting his captain back.

Unfortunately, it also leaves him more susceptible to hits from Yonkou, causes him to spend energy and more time to saving the captain, than just focusing on taking down Kaido, like the others are just focused on.
Even if Zoro didn't have to save Luffy once‚ he isn't taking down Kaido. He may kill Kaido but only after Luffy does the most damage‚ hence even if Zoro kills Kaido‚ it wouldn't have been possible without Luffy. So whether he likes it or not‚ he knows he needs Luffy there ( irregardless that it is his captain ).

And speaking of saving each other‚ Zoro would have been dead countless arcs before if Luffy wasn't there to fight the main villain‚ whom Zoro would have been defeated by.

If anything‚ Zoro would have been dead on his first appearance if not for Luffy. So let's stop with this ' he saved him game ' cause Luffy saved him more times than you think also