Current Events Im bored...Lets destroy ZKK...with SKK💆‍♂️

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Kitetsu Wanker
Sanjino will go for that killing blow, that's alright.
He will go Diable Jambe.
He will go Hell Memories.
He will put on daddy's suit.
He will speed up beyond speed of light.
He will say to Kaido: I am fast af boi. You cant even see me.
He will slam into Kaido like a meteor. Wano incinerates and screen goes white.
The whiteness dims down and we see a fast-forward East Blue one year after Wano events.
Sanji broke his leg beyond repair when he got in contact with Kaido. He replaced it with a peg leg.
He and Zeff are living together in Baratie a happy ever after.
Doesnt matter even if Sanji or Zoro kills Kaidou imo, since it will be the broken Kaidou that's already been defeated by Luffy anyway.
No, Kaido will be still fighting.
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