The chapter opens with a panel of Kouta's sneakers. Mineta also tries to run towards Deku but Iida stops him, saying that this is not their turn.

Kouta calls Deku "Midoriya-niii-chan" and apologizes for being paralyzed with fear. He also says that he felt inspired when he saw the giant woman talking about how Deku protected her.

The giant woman cries, saying that many shelters rejected her because of her quirk. She says she was very lucky to find Deku and thanks him, calling him "Mr. Crybaby Hero"
The two of them give Deku a hug. The old man from the first chapter starts defending Deku, saying that the other civilians are too hysterical and that obviously Deku doesn't want to stay there just resting forever. He kept fighting because there was a lack of heroes, now he needs to take a break.

He goes on to say that because they are the "spectators", the civilians have gotten used to seeing All Might fighting and have forgotten that there is a soul deep down in that hero. He says that after the war many heroes gave up, so those that are left must have an unwavering determination. He ends his speech by asking "how long are we planning to be just mere spectators?"

The civilian who opposed Deku in the last chapter says that some people are calling him All for One's henchman, others the heroes' greatest weapon, and it has left him confused. He asks Deku if, after resting in U.A., he will be able to turn things back to normal. Deku replies that they will all fight for it.
Ectoplasm goes to meet Endeavor, Hawks and Shouto, who are outside U.A. He asks if they heard Uravity's speech and tells them to come in, because they will not want to miss whatโ€™s happening.

Endeavor is blaming himself, saying that he just made Deku wander around with no progress. Hawks corrects him, saying that the progress is right in front of their eyes. He says that One for All is a power formed by the connection between people. Because of it, All Might connected with Midoriya, Midoriya connected Class A, and Uraraka connected the civilians to Midoriya

What comes next is a beautiful double-spread of the civilians handing out umbrellas to all the students. Hawks is saying that if from now on each person starts thinking about the "whole," a society where heroes have all the time in the world will surely arise
Shouto reminds Endeavor that they need to stop Touya **together**. Endeavor agrees.

Nezu is on the phone with Aizawa. He says that Aizawaโ€™s class was able to do what Nezu himself couldn't, and Aizawa asks him to tell Iida that he did a great job. Nezu asks about his leg and Aizawa says that he hasn't gotten used to it as much as Mirko. We see a panel of his prosthetic leg.

Kurogiri is being kept in the Central Hospital. Doctors are trying to get him to talk but, according to Aizawa, there has been no progress yet. Nezu says that even if it is small, there is still a spark of hope.

Aizawa says that the search for Toga continues, and that they have discovered her maximum transformation time. As a countermeasure, they make all refugees go through a period of isolation before they actually enter U.A., to ensure that she will not infiltrate. Aizawa says that U.A. is their fortress, and that now is the time for revenge.

The last panel of the chapter shows All Might standing near the U.A. Barrier with a worried (?) face