Crazy how much better it got when endy and his family drama was no longer the focus

Other than some of the villains, that whole family drama carries MHA.:kayneshrug:

No matter how you look at it, it's easily the best subplot of MHA.

The only reason why Izuku vs Shigaraki is even somewhat interesting again is because Shigaraki is now in full control of his body, and that he is no longer under AFO's control.:gouno:

Also at some point Hori is going to focus on that family drama again once we get back to Endeavor vs Dabi.:queenhear:

CoC: Color of Clowns

Against All Gods
I can't sleep, think, "Ooooh, early Wednesday spoilers?"

Nope, it's Horikoshi's wildly fluctuating health once again. Poor dude, hope it's just scheduling stuff and he's healthy. The last few chapters have had some crazy sequences, he's probably pushing himself too hard.

Good thing he has editors too push him until he breaks, then tell him he needs rest...
I will always wonder what series like this would look like if the Mangaka had reasonable schedules.