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Glorious Thatch pfp man! At least we got some MHA to keep us going this week and coping too ofc lmao. I need that extremely and literally explosive catharsis of Bakugoat blowing up AFO and turning him into All For Obliteration!

I'm gonna fire up One's Justice too and troll the fuck out of AFO with Hatsume and her HILARIOUS super/ultra special attacks on him too lmao.

Another really good chapter. This final arc has definitely found its stride in this AFO portion. Feel like this final arc will be really solid on binge read.
Afo is truly evil bastard, always hunting for ofa and stealing other quirks in the process to use his own benefit.

Now he has to use all that stolen power to get to Shigaraki before he fades away.
Bakugo might be able to stop the attack. He probably will as otherwise he’ll probably die.

But he will fail in preventing AFO from reaching Shigaraki. That has to happen because ultimately, AFO is the main villain and not Shigaraki.
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My theory:

-Bakugo stops the attack and overpowers AFO, turning him into a baby.
-Baby AFO transfers his quirks to All Might. Since All Might was born quirkless, he is capable of taking AFO and not dying.
- using All Might’s body, AFO reaches Shigaraki and takes over his mind