Who will be the next Strawhat

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To all the Yamao haters and deniers, might i remind you that Luffy got Jinbe from Big Mom after WCI, therefore it only makes sense that Luffy gets Yamato after defeating Kaido. Tama is confirmed to be a kunochi under Shinobu's guidance so she's out of the race too.


Yamato is definitely joining the crew and there's nothing you can do about it!
I expected boss jinbei since fishman island. I'm happy he's here and the wait was worth it. also I only hate a selected who never had anyone who truly loved them tell them not "to be yourself"
So turns out...

Carrot is the guardian of Zou, and having inherited Pedro's Will obligates her to accept it.

Yamato likes to hang out on roofs, she'll be the lookout on the ship.

Carrot was Paulie to Yamato's Franky. She was a "red herring" all along.

Everything is exactly opposite how they predicted.

Carrot's shot as nakama was all...

subversive affirmation.
Holy shit your right! How did we not see this coming?

Carrot will follow Pedro's will to sail with Roger, and she will be with the future king of pirates. It makes perfectly sense. Also... when Oden joined Gol d. Roger, even a mink joined with him (Neko and Inu)
If we follow the pattern of both of the characters, then it will be
Next chapter double join 100%
I' m happy for both of them, since I love them.

All this hatred for Carrot is just ridicolous.....

Yeah those Momo panels pretty much confirm it for me. Having it in order of them joining makes this shit a lock. GG Carrot sisters and Caribou bros. At least Caribou is prob gonna be a Titanic Captain and Carrot will be the mink ruler.
I thought the titanic captains were supposed to be strong. Then again Burgess isn't strong. But anyway I think it might be Shiki. After all we never heard about his fate after the backstory from strong world plus he was nearly as strong as Roger
Carrot having doubt is normal. Momo has doubts too, Vivi has doubts too. At least it’s a character development given to her by Oda, so she can learn about responsibility.

Pedro’s will is to assist the Straw Hats because they’re the ones who will bring the dawn. I bet if Pedro were still alive, Pedro would’ve been the ruler of Zou. Therefore if Pedro is still alive, Carrot’s chance is slightly higher since she has no responsibilities to bear. Assisting SHs =/= joining them

In fact it’ll be a great moment when Carrot thanks the crew for giving her the adventure she wants, and promise to be a great ruler of Zou once they meet again
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