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Honestly it was expected that Marco would bleed a little bit King with two named attack but King who cut his left arm like butter and forced Marco to regenerate a full lost member is good because it's the better way to exhaust marco.
And it's not even a named attack, nor using his DF power, and seems like King didn't even use his species special ability (fire ?).
I like this!

Marco vs King is good!
It's looking even more good since King seems to be capable to cut fire as well.

As I said, it's likely that King's advanced Haki equivalent to FS is barrier haki on a very high level.
what are you talking about? sanji didn't sky walk with the cake he merely kicked it onto bege's ship, are we reading the same series? on top of that sanji was struggling while flying with luffy he made it seem like all big mom children who could sky walk are faster than him. even a fat dude was able to catch up to him. it doesn't show how nerfed he got it shows how overrated he is.
Appearently we are not reading the same manga. How about you try to read without being a biased Sanji hater?
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if marco dies, ace 2.0 will happen, the forum will explode.
Marco dying actually makes sense. No one would have a severe reaction to where there’s no banquet. Killer dying would kill the mood and vibes. Oda would never do that.

Oda has to have one big banquet with everyone and he still hasn’t since we entered the new world this is the arc where it happens.

They were all Nerfed AF Oda couldnt show their strongest Attacks with Haki that much pre ts neither had he the time for it because otherwise Marineford would look way more different and would be a longer Arc.
The same thing was stated in both cases
Kidd/Killer may die, but I doubt is for the case you're bringing here
And if one of the two will die, that one is Killer
Don't think it will happen tho
And I hope it wont't
I personally suspect Killer to die more than Kid.
- He had big character development in this arc.
- Many people were surprised that Killer went to the rooftop, despite strong characters like X-Drake, Hawkins and Jinbei didn't go.
I honestly think Oda put him there to kill him or witness his captain's death. Hawkins prediction is massive and people slept on it. Some of them said that Hawkins was predicting Kin or Hyo's death. Why the fuck would Hawkins predict Kin or Hyo's death? LOL It makes sense that he was talking about a member of his generation.

Marco doesn't have better df mastery
He is getting exhausted after fighting 2 people and helping the rest
Doffy could multitask, BM and kaido can too without huffing or being exhausted

This is Marco's hybrid form...
marco flew all the way to wano and is still fighting 2 commanders on his own of course he will be exhausted while king and queen were just chilling in onigashima
kidd isn’t dying the only one who could die out of the two is killer.

The only death I could see is Marco since no one has a connection with him just like pell in alabasta.

Wano is a fitting place for him to die and the only one I can see dying.

I can’t see Kidd or killer dying till later like shanks/Blackbeard arc

Oda doesn’t like doing deaths because he likes a big banquet after.

In reality no one on the roof should die.

The only death that would be big and is actually plausible is Marco. No one else.

they can still have a banquet after if Marco dies.
and Kaido. He has death flags written all over him.
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