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Again Marco kicking around dudes who are>>> Pageone who tanked G3... Duo the math... Marco seems even having Adv CoA lvl 2.
P1 being below Queen doesn't mean his endurance is below Queen
G3 dislocated his jaw and took him.out

Marco can't even push Zoan Queen
G3 pushed Kaido down!
Marco can't hurt base Queen or King that much with attacks

Oh yeah...he cant no/low diff Flyers
Ancient fruit users... isn't sasaki fruit the most durable? Or was it Pageone?
WCI Luffy's bounty: 500,000,000 berry
Katakuri's bounty: 1,057,000,000 berry
Queen's bounty: 1,320,000,000 berry
King's bounty: > Queen's

Katakuri when fighting (base) WCI Luffy: This is stressful

Meanwhile Marco fights 2 people with higher bounty than Katakuri while protecting samurais :phoenixmarco:
This is actually why I don't think Marco is truly meant to fight either of them. If his role is to steamroll 2 YC's, then what is the point of making them imposing for the underdogs? If he gets a 1v1, where is the tension at all in that fight? Perospero about to remove him from the equation I feel like (not that he's gonna die, but I think be incapacitated).


Page One almost got his much needed TMJ therapy for free from an Elephant Gun yet Queen/King whom are clearly superior are G3 lvl?
Base /zoan King without named attacks ,haki is above g2 & g3 luffy ? With what proof?
Same with Queen.

Only hybrid push calamities >= or ~ Pre fs g4 luffy at best
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