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Supernova Jump cover and a BEASTLY color spread. I believe we haven't had one without a Strawhat since the Shichibukai at Marineford. Ulti's horns changed color, the addition of Drake but absence of Yamato is interesting. I wonder if this lowers their chances of a volume cover like the Big Mom Pirates, maybe saving it for their hybrid forms?

Perospero only knows how to kick butt and lick candy, and he's done with candy. Chopper, Brook, Pedro, now Carrot and Wanda become his latest victims. His very long and obtrusive tongue, impossible to hide, is slobbering all over Carrot's chest as he holds her up. That's how you assert dominance. The chapter Big Mom used Indra, the moon was blocked and dark clouds covered the sky. At that point Carrot and Wanda were doomed. It's not all bad news for the Mink duo as Nami also received an offscreen defeat. Perospero could have easily covered these two in candy, but he wasn't in the mood for another monologue, therefore a Mink comeback is almost certain. Carrot will have to wait for good weather and for Peros to leave the skull to use Sulong again and pray someone like Choniki doesn't take over her fight, or else her ass is grass.

Marco Vs The World. When are Big Mom and Kaido tagging in? Some beautiful cheography as Marco puts in hard work distracting all the big dawgs. So Marco without his wings can move beyond mach speed just to drop a knee on King? Ouch. Marco also finally starts using his flames offensively with fireballs at King and Queen. Though it won't deal burn status, I imagine it's damage projection much in a way a shockwave coming from a fist or club or sword would hurt from distance. I love that Brachiosaur firing lasers out of its mouth, like a miniature version of Kaido doing Boro Breath. King undoes his Zoan power so he can finally use his sword, but Marco losing a wing then reusing it as a fireball is a Mythical flex as King could never give up a wing like that. Perospero comments Marco is looking exhausted as he prepares to join. While Marco is his enemy, he came here to break up the BM-Beast alliance. Marco said this battle belongs to the next generation, his presence here denies other characters fights as he has nothing to prove. It'll be interesting to see if he's ultimately defeated or merely restrained to make way for the younglins.

Hyogoro shedding all that weight in Udon just to regain it with Queen's ice cream virus. So Ice Oni can restore you to your prime, drawing out all your power to rampage one more time before death. Imagine if Vegapunk invented a medicine that could temporarily bring the Gorosei, Garp, Sengoku, Kong back to their peak. Queen's genius is powerful stuff. Maybe Chopper removes the negative effects and acquires a new last resort power up? Prime Hyo's powerful flower blade one-shots Hotei, even slicing his sword - utter humiliation for any Wano samurai. Hyo may never return to his belly form again so I can see why Oda let him score a quick W against the Mimiwarigumi leader, even if it feels like a waste. Obviously, the bulk of this chapter and Hyogoro on the brink of death is set up for Chopper to finally come through with his cure. Somebody dying because Chopper wasn't a good enough doctor would be devastating for his dream, like Zoro losing a sword fight and someone dying as a consequence. While I do expect significant deaths in Wano on the good guy's side, I don't believe Queen through a virus is getting that honor.
The biggest shocker of this chapter was how close Onigashima is to the Flower Capital. Mount Fujiyama is in the central region of Wano just behind the capital from Kaido's direction. There's now a strong possibility of a dark scenario where Onigashima crushes the old capital as soon as Act 3 ends. Either Kaido's power needs to be countered or someone at ground level (Caribou) informed ahead of time organizes and evacutates the Flower Capital. That way even if we see Onigashima drop to mark Kaido's psuedo-victory, it won't be the alliance at the end of the arc drinking to mass bystander death. In the meantime, I hope somebody can finally address Bao Haung and her spy network with X-ray vision. Announcing everyone's location not only sends more goons to stall Yamato, it makes others like Sanji stop and hesitate, so for another week they leave us in suspense.

Even though Marco was a monster in this chapter, King and Queen deserve some respect too, King for beeing very durable and Queen for having so many skills, funny how people though his fightstyle gonna be the worst, thanks to his scienst he have multiple powerfull weapons. Overall both are monsters on their own.


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Please stop bullying King, Marco fans. I am begging you to stop this. Just take a good look at King one more time please. Every time I go to sleep and dream, even in my dream I am defending King. When I wake up I am defending King. Even when I making loving to my gurlfriend, I am defending King in my head. Just please look at King, just give him a chance and maybe you will wank him. Just seeing everyone make up stuff to put King down makes me very sad everyday. I really cannot stand it anymore. I really hope you Marco fans can open your heart and use your brain to come up with good reason and using logic to open your eyes to the real world. Thanks okay. Please look at King vs Big Mom filler once again but this time forget about Marco and just think of only King you will see and understand



Bulleys and beams can exhaust and hurt Marco confirmed...
Meaning copine and crew can push Marco to high diff

:beckmoji:Marco stamina and endurance wank is over... he cant last more than a hour of assault...in 40 mins he is at his limits.

:whitepress:King and queen ... okay, you aren't using named attacks, hybrid and koka but cmon
Your COo and reaction speed sucks.

Marco was impressive but sending base King flying and bass Queen down,
Needing 2 hits to make base king bleed a lil...foaling to push zoan Queen back
Doesn't make your AP> G3.

Hyou dying...I dont care much

Give me the rooftop conclusion

As I though Marco most like using here Adv CoA(ryo) to hurt Queen from the inside, his beam didn´t explode in his mouth(also he could use it later again with means it didn´t get destroyed). I assume via adv CoA and his flame he hurt Queen from the inside, would be actually dope if Marco also have the same adv CoA as Luffy.^^
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