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Grandpa hyo just implied that drake can't stop him if he went crazy and then Queen said he has to take out Grandpa hyo or everyone will lose. Which means prime hyo > drake and apoo

This is the 2nd time oda made drake and apoo look a lot weaker than calamities.
Hyo just said that If he and Oden took on Kaido, Kaido would have lost.

Something that Kaido even admitted


Yup. Marco is literally healing everyone while 2v1-ing King and Queen and making them bleed.
Is that worser than Doffy being weakened after Gk yet still does more than Marco doing now?
Marco has to fight 2 Casual YCs and protect Chiper/samurai

Weakaned Doffy was fighting serious Luffy, gladiators and had birdcage on.
Spamming awakening too

Your excuses are low
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