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Marco vs King and Queen was lit! :steef: WARCOOOOOOO YOI YOI YOI YOI:phoenixmarco:. However, I just realized he didn't regenerate his left wing after being cut by King. I wonder if is because his regeneration abilities have limits or need time to regenerate (?). Perospero also shows his worth by clapping both Wanda and Carrot, perorin~~.

Oda once again is messing with our head about whom Sanji is going to fight. Jack? Queen? King? I can't even predict, there are just too many possible scenarios on this one. Hyo's parts were kinda boring for though. And Momo that little shit is at it again!!! :whitepress:

Well, this chapter is 7.5/10 for me. Marco vs King and Queen was great, while some parts feel kinda okay and boring. Glad no break next week.


You do realize that on top of fighting against both King and Queen at the same time, he has been constantly slowing the progression of the virus on everyone who is turning into an Ice Demon, right?
Please , you guys downplay Doffy or Cracker when they were tired or doing multitasking

Doffy had birdcage on, was fighting Luffy while weakened and still could use awakening
Doffy lasted about 1hr after being stabbed by GK

Cracker while his df was weakened , could still make clones for 11hrs straight against Luffy who kept eating and fighting back.

Marco has no excuse to be exhausted and at limits after 40-45 min
Epsfialky when King nd Queen were casually making low tier moves (no koka, no named attacks)
Queen could even target other dudes , King could talk on the phone...they didn't take Marco seriously

Spare me the excuses...
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