Who will Kaido fight?

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As if this raid needed even less stakes.

Hawkins joining the alliance means that the cards say the alliance is already more likely to win than the emperors.
Damn, I didn't think about that.
Hawkins won't join the alliance unless there's a higher chance of them winner. Even though Luffy will still win, Oda will still try to make it uncertain.
Hawkins joining throws that out.

I just hope BM fights kaido becomes good and saves wano, given how luffy is I just see a lot of convinient things piling up and then I would even be forced to think luffy as yonko level after that. :josad:
I called this chapter a while back.
BM might be clowned again and zeus stolen or used against her. :risitasad:
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Just give it up, Plot revelance is all that matters.

Luffy and Zoro will be certified top tiers after this fight, maybe even Kidd/Law.
True, I am just going to focus on just the main mysteries of one piece world. Thinking about story and character is just a waste of time
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