Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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When Luffy is in G4 he is legitimately superior to Kaido, as he showed while the stamina lasted ragdolling him and beating the shit out of Kaido who couldn't do anything other than outlast his haki stamina issues, looking like Doflamingo.
Makes sense that Luffy can still hang and grow outside of "that cannonball form".
Imagine this form without the Haki drawbacks :steef: He would legit be a low top tier for sure.
nothing in that post bodied my claim

this attack was hyped as a big deal? sure, does it mean BM and Kaido can't do much better ? absolutely not, I would argue both Kaido and BM have island lvl attacks

and I said it could be a low tier attack from them, not that it definitely is, considering Kaido and BM have been fooling around the entire fight it make more sense they would use a low tier attack rather than a high tier one

so you absolute clown learn to read or shut your mouth
stay salty and witness zoro greatness lil boy


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
I’m not sure with Killer, like is he stronger than King? Idk about that. Law has a better case than Killer but yeah the rest go without question.
Killer has a pretty good report card:
  • Defence
    • He deflected Kaido's Wind Blades
  • Endurance
    • He tanked Mama's Indra
    • He tanked Mama's God of Lightning: Tenjin
  • Offence
    • His Scyther Sonic dazed Kaido for a few seconds and caused internal bleeding
    • He disarmed a Yonkou
  • General
    • Along with the other Supernova, he held of Hybrid Kaido and Mama for 30 minutes+.

Maybe the YC 1s are really exceptions, but the Roof Five have feats better than Queen and Jack.
G4 is in no way superior to Kaido and it certainely was far from enough to beat him.
While G4 had stamina, Kaido was powerless against him and got the Doflamingo treatment.
Are you saying G4 wasn't stronger than Doflamingo because Doflamingo could outlast him? DPS, speed, power, stamina are all metrics to judge by superiority, I said ignoring stamina issues Kaido was fucked, Infinite stamina G4 is superior to anything we've currently seen of Kaido and I stand by that.
"Big Mom and Kaidou use a massive combined attack, they swing their weapons at the same time and send a massive wave at the Supernova which is too fast for any of them to dodge. However, Zoro blocks the attack with his swords.

Zoro: "Get out of the way or we will all die!!"

Big Mom and Kaidou attack destroys part of the island. Law transports Zoro out in time so he survives but is heavily injured. Kid thanks Zoro for managing to slow down the attack even if he managed to do it for 1 second."

My god.......this is monumental. This man Zoro out here proving once again that he is indispensable in this fight. Hell, the others would have died if he didn't momentarily block that massive combined attack from two Yonko in their strongest forms.

This feat is absolutely insane.


The fact that Law was worried enough to shambled him out of the way and Kidd even thanked him proves how important and epic this feat was and also how much of a fucking beast he is.

He never tought about running away from or trying to dodge the attack he just stood there and tried to stop it in its tracks........an attack that he himself warned the others it'll kill them. And mind you, he tried to withstand that attack all the way he never had the slightest intention of dodging in the last second or something but instead it had to be Law the one who got him out of the way. I truly am speechless at this point.

This man really does live his life following a strict personal philosophy centered around justice, honor and heroism.

Nothing but the deepest respect towards Zoro.
Kaido had his attacks stopped and/or countered by scabbards. Big Mom has had several of her attacks blocked and/or stopped by none SN Straw Hats and had an even clash with Marco. So what's your point.

Big Mom and Kaido took those battles much serious then Mihawk.

People need to understand just because you are top tier or Yonko level it doesn't mean that your attacks can't be stopped by characters who aren't on your level.
The one with flesh and blood is here
Everyone be like: Kaido and Big Mom showed the most powerful attack in the history of one piece

Me: Redon just gave his own opinion(it's an opinion considering he added it should be top3 at least)

Unless it's directly stated in the manga, where it ranks in terms of destructive power is ambiguous :kayneshrug:
a combined attack bewteeen top tiers? who were serious trying to kill the nova? miss me with that shit that should be the strongest attack showed so far
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