Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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While G4 had stamina, Kaido was powerless against him and got the Doflamingo treatment.
Are you saying G4 wasn't stronger than Doflamingo because Doflamingo could outlast him? DPS, speed, power, stamina are all metrics to judge by superiority, I said ignoring stamina issues Kaido was fucked, Infinite stamina G4 is superior to anything we've currently seen of Kaido and I stand by that.
G4 didn't inflict any serious damage to Kaido unlike Doflamingo and it's obvious that Kaido is far from using his full power yet. Just the fact that Kaido was able of one-shotting G4 during their first fight, didn't even used his human or hybrid form against G4 Luffy clearly say that Kaido is far above G4 even with Luffy having unlocked advanced Armament.


Killer has a pretty good report card:
  • Defence
    • He deflected Kaido's Wind Blades
  • Endurance
    • He tanked Mama's Indra
    • He tanked Mama's God of Lightning: Tenjin
  • Offence
    • His Scyther Sonic dazed Kaido for a few seconds and caused internal bleeding
    • He disarmed a Yonkou
  • General
    • Along with the other Supernova, he held of Hybrid Kaido and Mama for 30 minutes+.

Maybe the YC 1s are really exceptions, but the Roof Five have feats better than Queen and Jack.
Fair enough, I can fully get behind Killer being stronger than anyone not named King out of the calamities. Though admittedly King hasn’t done much.
It may not be the strongest attack in One Piece, but it is by all indications the strongest attack the Yonkou can pull off.
  • Mama tells Kaido that they should launch a combination attack to destroy all the Supernova at once

    • This was an attack the Yonkou thought was strong enough to kill the Supernova at a go.
  • The Yonkou psych themselves up before performing the attack

    • This is an attack that they psych themselves up before performing. Kaido asks Mam if she's still in shape to perform such a technique.
  • The attack is named Hakai meaning "Conquering the Sea"

    • Naming scheme:
      • Hakai: "Conquering the Sea"
      • Hakoku: "Conquering a Nation"
      • Ikkoku Sovereignty: "Nation's Might"
    • Based on the naming scheme: Hakai >> Hakoku >> Ikkoku Sovereignty.
      • Conquering the Sea >> Conquering a Nation >> Nation's Might

  • This is the attack Kaido and Mama deployed to take out all the Supernova in one strike.
I doubt that is the strongest attack the yonko can pull off .
Before this fight is over i expect see more crazy stuff from Kaido .
* Luffy litteraly one vs one against Kaido holding his own
* Zoro tanking one of the strongest attack in one piece history
* Law and Kid smartly throwing big mom out of the island

Dude i start to feel the tension in the rooftop battle that i wanted so badly, every attack of the yonkos feels nearly impossible to escape/block. And the wg are clearly past their limit. :finally::finally:
  • Luffy will uncover the Meaning of D. whether he Wants to or not, it's Part of his Journey
and it won't have any impact if he doesn't care for it. It will water down Law's goal.

So now, Law can remove Eternal Youth Operation from others, looks like Oda planned Law +20 Years Ago
No but when Oda started One Piece his story was about Luffy vs the Yonko. Stop with this stupid ass fallacy. Your argument is shit.

I was talking about his D. Connection, not his DF & it's Connection to WG (Many D. Died before)
His DF is literally the most wanted DF ever, Dofflamingo implied that to rule the world one must have it and it has no connection to the WG? Instead you fall into this dumb theory that just because he's a D he must die? You do realize he could die in the final saga?

Reminds me of Ace who is Insanely Popular too, seems like u believe he is Alive too
Did you read One Piece back then? Ace wasn't nearly as popular as he is now or even was in Marineford. The Summit War saga was when he got popular

So Law becoming Luffy's Henchmen which he clearly gets pissed off when mentioned is better than him Dying. Ok
So let me get this straight. Law is not okay with being a subordinate, but he's fine giving up his life and dreams? lmao

Okay i won't become Writer, i forgot we need Validation from you to do so
Law helped Luffy before therefore he must kill himself is downright retarded
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