Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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One thing I don't understand is how BM falls in the sea?

We saw a few chapters ago that Onigashima was near Mount Fuji, which is near the Capital which is in the center of Wano. How did she reach the sea? Did Kid and Law pull an Orlumbus? :suresure:
Well it’s mountain and a flying island... Oda can decide the perspective is however he wants... We can be as near or close as the plot requires
it's not that zoro didn't dodge in time, he had to momentarily stop the attack for the others as a part of the the plan.
1- zoro tanks the attack
2- luffy attacks kaido
3- law traps Zeus / killer and zoro immobilize Napoleon and Prometheus
4- kid and law kick big mom out of onigashima.
I actually like the sense of teamwork here.

Zoro blocks their attack (gets hit) so the rest can dodge.

Luffy holds off Kaido (albeit gets hit)

Law, Zoro, Killer take out BMs homes

Law and Kid use a team attack to knock her off the roof.

Kind of awesome tbh.
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