Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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To find the All Blue!
He helped set up Robin vs Black Maria and even got a wholesome moment about trusting her.
He also got to rescue Zoro and gave us the holy cross.
It wasn't all for nothing.
Come one man.
He went for the scabbards....BUT,
he heard about Momo...where will he go now? THIS NON REVEALED WAY!....BUT,
Law dropped Zoro on his shoulders, but he is still going for Momo....BUT,
he finds the scabbards, now he goes back to the Live Floor because reasons.
It's the same as with Yamato. THE ONLY REASON Yamato left Momo's side, was so we could have the scabbards moment against Kanjurou.She leaves TO GO FOR KAIDO.
One chapter later, Kaido is there, so she needs to turn back to fight him.
You do see the pattern that Oda does of moving pieces without any real need, only for them to end up in the same place again? It's fucking annoying.
They should have been more open minded about it instead of "nah sanji vs king cause they can fly, germa connection means nothing" etc. They can't even appreciate Queen as an opponent, a cyborg with a variety of arsenal, a bounty of 1.32b due to all the shit talking they did before :king:
I’m looking forward to it. Sanji vs Queen is probably my 3rd favorite current matchup right now. (Kidd and Law vs Big Mom 1st, Robin vs BM 2nd). I think people will be able to get over him not fighting King once they see how cool the fight will be once they realize that Queen is a fucking Yonkos 2nd strongest subordinate.

In the mean time the Sanji fans that called anyone who didn’t agree with Sanji vs King stupid will be getting flamed hard lol.

@Inflamed Haki where you at?
I would if the YC2 he were fighting was actually a competent. Queen has done nothing but take Ls...the dude got slammed and slapped by fucking Chopper
It doesn't matter, he literally took no damage and laughed at Chopper.

And so what if he took L' s? Jack has taken nothing but Ls since Zou and he always comes back as a relentless beast.

Queen being goofy and imcompetent as a leader doesn't mean anything for his combat abilities.
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