Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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Killer vs Apoo: Wrong
scabbards vs flying 6 wrong
sh vs numbers: wrong
minks vs smile army and jack vs neko: these are call the (broken clock is right twice a day predictions)
Scabbards vs F6 will partially happen
Apoo vs Killer or Hawkins vs Killer is basically the same fight lol the story of the fight is revenge for betrayal
some SHs will fight the numbers , at least Ussop will

anyway that was just some drive by post from 2019, my informed more recent predictions wich are the ones I talked about are all true
Thats just for compensating Whole Cake moments between Luffy and right hand Sanji.

Sanji helped Luffy to reach the rooftop
Marco helped Zoro
Sanji Right Hand confirmed :kayneshrug:
Yet Zoro has CoC
Sanji kicks his captain in the face.... real tough right hand man
Sanji abandons crew because he can't deal with his own issues... gets bailed out by Luffy... real tough right hand man
Sanji gets no 1v1 in his own arc... and his highlight is cooking BM a cake.... real tough right hand man
Sanji was too busy falling for some stupid trap and getting captured by foddered because he's too slow
Sanji vs King still being a possibility, being honest with you, Sanji's main reason to kick Queen is just to save his Nakama Chopper.

But do you guys really want Sanji to fight a possible nerfed King? He was fighting Marco for too long, Queen was just petting Chopper, u know?

Let's see how "Queen mentioning Judge" thing will play out on this...
Quoting myself from a convo:

King doesn't give me the impression that he's meant to be the main opponent of one of the Monster Trio. Especially not when you compare him to Queen (who is). Now I don't think King can be Zoro's main opponent, so this doesn't debunk Zoro vs King (King can be used for Zoro to practice Haoshoku cladding or as a hypetool before Zoro's second confrontation with Kaido).

But as far as I'm aware, you, @ImmaIvanoM, @Weeman, @Celestial D. Dragon and others believe King to be Zoro's main fight this arc?

I think that as he is King is way too underdeveloped to be the main fight for an M3 member. All we know about him:
  • He's strong
  • He's competent
  • He comes from a rare race

What is his personality? What are his habits? What are his hobbies? He hardly feels like a person the way Queen does.

I think King's superficial development is perfect for an opponent like Marco, so I can see it working out.

Again, the caveat of him being a sideshow if he fights Zoro might explain why he's so relatively underdeveloped.
King's setup as an antagonist isn't that far off from Mr. 1, who got almost zero panel time or development prior to his fight with Zoro.

I can't really recall Oda setting up any kind of development between Zoro and his arc opponent, other than just making them a Swordsman.
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