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Nami's victory kind of feels like cheap one smh...Big Mom damaged Ulti the most through her CoC punch. Instead of BM using her punch, had Nami and Usopp won through their strategy and inventiveness it would have been good. Let's see what happens in the chapter.

Usopp goes after Huang?? And Tama speaks to whole island?? Oda has focused so much on Tama this arc.....
Telling you the fights haven't started yet, it's just being used to highlight their insane recovery. Oda has a tendency to take down the villains sequentially chapter by chapter. This event, just like when Big Mom did it, happens mid chapter. It's not a chapter closer like every other major fight ending.
C. O. P. I. U. M.
TO BE FAIR, Oda has no idea how to handle Nami and Usopp's fights anymore. He's become too lazy to actually think cool fights for these characters. So Usopp faints the opponent like he did with Perona and Nami gets her Lightning Skill leveled up. That's it.
Other SH's that ACTUALLY fight I STILL have hopes for, which is why I'm GLAD Brooke is there with Robin, otherwise Robin vs Black Maria would be some weird ass "clutch" one shot as well. At least with Brooke taking swings at BM, we might get more than 1 page worth of confrontation.
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