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lmfao Keep being a massive troll, it's the best you can do
Only oden scarred Kaido massive troll
Exactly, Yamato can push Kaido to 1v1 and push a mid/high diff fight, same thing as current Luffy. This is completely out of step with what Zoro can do.



• Kaido to Zoro :
This wound will remain with me

Levels between doing like marco when he stalled meme and didn't damage her badly and stalling like a clown or getting beaten by fodders like gifters lmao

Blocked for 1 second, if Law didn't help, Zoro would have taken the attack in full and would be dead

Guess :
three admirals blocked a Gura power punch of WB for 1 second and then got deflected while Zoro halted a combined power of 2 yonko in their strongest form in 1 sec guess ?

Zoro = 3 admirals power :suresure:

Post a panel of law shamblezing him chaheadcanon .

Since u believe mid's words who said he blocked it in 1 sec but law said he took it now each time you only gave us your headcanon :suresure:

Ashura is not a fighting style, ridiculous in 2021 to discuss it. And there's nothing that fast about landing attack on Kaido, all supernovas did that
Ashura = nine sword style
clashed with Kaido
Destroyed Kaku's slash with a swing of blades


suggest reading shonen, all characters give their most powerful attacks when they are half
Arlong = if you are in better health ; you would have scratched me .

Chaves's two piece :suresure:

Zoro's state didn't affect his attack power, or else it would be mentioned, but of course, all your headcanon to try to make Zoro better
Law = How can he still continue to perform in this state while having broken bones :suresure:

Chaves go back to ur cave ; you disappeared for months during roof top battle :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
With the exception of Maybe Bege. Most Supernovas are Above Flying Six/Big Mom Veterans

I don't think Urouge is above Hawkins Killer or Drake by a Large Margin. It's just that by the time of Fishman island or so. Most Supernovas surpassed that level
Bege tanked dozens of hits from BM and was fine after, he's WsW's level at minimum.

Urouge is being saved for later in the story, he's guaranteed to be strong.
You see, Patricia, that's the issue... It is not us who wants Zoro to kill the strongest character in the verse, it is Oda.
Probably because he wants to make Zoro into the next strongest character in the verse and of OP in general.
Indeed, Zoro wants to kill Mihawk (to end the latter's boredom) and become the undisputed strongest.
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