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Sanji did more impressive right now... also fought both calamities at same time.... not yo mention sanji right now is 60% of hes healt and strenght since beat up from BM and K and Q .... Zoro was fully healed
I wouldn't say 60% given how sanji can just heal mid battle, it's probably gonna get explained with the king or queen fight that the lunarians have a healing factor, it would explain sanji's insane stamina pre and post ts


Yup, Zoro cut King's horn, so King lost his shit and started attacking everyone indiscriminately. The helmet broke during the clash with Tiger Hunt. What I don't understand is, how the attack hit King's helmet when Zoro's clashing with one of his winds.
he is another Katakuri who is sensitive about his appearance , Katakuri killed the cooks because they saw his mouth while he was eating. Luffy cured him now Zoro might cure King or just defeat him :D lol


The Rogue Prince
That's why I said, it's circular logic to push King so much because of Zoro's performance against Kaido. Note that Zoro scarred Kaido with adv.CoC which he used unconsciously, while against King, he probably won't use it. And he might beat King in a similar fashion to Kaku, which is far from extreme diff.
I would say Zoro vs Kaku was an high to extreme diff fight until Ashura came into play. Ashura one shotted Kaku but that doesn't take away anything from him pushing Zoro until that point.
In one piece. Two piece readers are blind to it.
Yes he's begging Zoan King to stop:cantseeme:
dude, you are not reading by feeling.

if said to you , please could you styop using your braing , pleaseeee this is begging.
If i said to you , stop using your brain asshole that would be angry
Nope. Stop the cap. Enma is a powerup by virtue of its Haki training. Everything else is your headcanon when the only tangible metric we have to rank swords didn't change.
All finishers are not the same.
Ashura is a powerup. Rasengan is a powerup. KKG isn't.
Skywalk and firefox styles are not powerups - both are very situational abilities which are useful at times and just a party trick otherwise.
You are the only retard trying to use it to downplay Zoro.
Why the name calling? You contradicted yourself btw and something needs clarifying there.

Asura is a technique, Kikitoryu is the stye, just like Iitoryu, Nitoryu and Santoryu are and just like Fox-fire style is.
- Then you say FFS isn't a power up, and Ashura is... contradicting.​
- And say FFS and SW are situational techniques, yet Zoro has only used Kikitortryu in particular situations under particular circumstances, on a total of 3 occasions only... contradicting.​
Even Kaido has full Hybrid. If Oda is taking away his beak for aethestic reasons, hes cucking him like Black Maria. But anyways King still hasnt gotten a full panel shot of his form. And im betting Oda adds his beak when he does that.
Oh yeah, Kaido's hybrid does not have a pronounced jaw like he does in his dragon form, so I don't think its an issue that King doesn't have it either.
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