Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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  • This is great. World Government hasn't forgotten about Robin.
  • Sanji will not be dependent on Raidsuit. While he will have Genetic Modifications like his brothers unlike them he'll still have his emotions intact, looking back this might be a thank you gift from Judge back in WCI
  • Yamato might clash with CP0 protecting Robin and there she will make a name for herself thus the world will know about her.
Some insane chapters ahead, no wonder why Oda had the Tobbi Roppo and Jack defeated so quickly...its to get to bigger things.
A Yamato vs Lucci fight wil be insane.
no case of humans in one piece improving their "durability "
you cant improve how hard your bones are......
Ofc you can, I doubt as Kid Sanji had harder durability then as he had in WCi.
He improve in phyiscal states, his body became more durable.
Best example Zoro, attacks who hurt him pre ts wouldn´t even tickel him after the ts, that is how superhumans get improve.
Sanji had so far no exekelton improve, the doc back then even said it:

He had a durability of a human.
His exekelton kicked out after he wear the raidsuit, he even said it:

All what Sanji gain, like speed,power, durability, he gain it as human without the exekelton improve a single time.
So all what we had pre Wano was Sanji who his own durabiility, not from the exekelton.
Like Sentinal said.
Human Sanji powers+modified powers>Siblings...

Sanji train himself as human, never had the attribute like his siblings.
Damn, Lucci being in Wano must mean that CP0 might have the SSG with them unless they're all as strong as Lucci after the time skip

I don't know how to feel about the Sanji situation.

So, he's basically like Wolverine now? with the Germa exoskeleton and ultra-regen?
While it seems like Sora was successful in preventing him from losing his emotions, this seems like a slap on Sanji and Sora's faces.

I liked that Sanji was as strong as he is without Judge's interference, but now this seems like it'll be a permanent thing, based on how it's described.

I guess we'll have to wait for Chopper's diagnosis and the chapter.

Still interesting, though.
Speaking of chopper, sanji pretty much took chopper's plot line that oda forgot about

The whole "I don't want to be a monster" given how Oda treats sanji's character in comparison to chopper, I'm guessing there's gonna be a lot of on screen character growth
I get your point, but it doesn't make sense, zoro also would've been damaged by bullets, heck Roger himself died to fricking swords held by fodders

Sanji's base durability shouldn't be taken in count, given how it was a perforating weapon instead of a blunt one
thats what I mean
the only way humans can improve their durability is through haki /df/genetic modification
so the fact that sanji's durability was already considered inhuman should have been a hint.
Beast pirates so far:
+ Seiryu - Azure Dragon = Kaido.
+ Suzaku - Vermilion Bird = King.
+ Genbu - Black Tortoise = Queen.
+ Byakko - White Tiger = ???, Who's Who??
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