Who will beat Kaido now?

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For everyone who wonders about the characteristic of Joyboy

Can search Sun wukong a God the monkey king

Right now we have "Sun" king and "Monkey"D Luffy

He is extremely powerful likes to en"joy" the battle prob plays with his prey before he owns them
Even Ao Kang the dragon king feared him

Goodbye to Kaido
Joyboy „awakens“ inside Luffy. Joyboy was transferred over the devil fruit or reincarnation? Nevertheless devil fruit awakening becomes deeper meaning in this scenario when nika awakes
Some people will go back now and bring the whole Sabo scene with Burgess....when he finished him off and then said "Ace doesn't forgive you" as a way to say previous owner of fruits somehow are connected...
It's ass either way the way Oda went about it.

Luffy wakes up and suddenly he melts while smiling? Sith Zunisha saying JB is back?

Much better if the fruit did something random.on its own whike he was awakes and he wondered what that shit was .
It's retarded as it is
But it's been coming all wano
But if he died and is turning into joyboy its beyond ass
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