Who will beat Kaido now?

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As long as luffy is still luffy it's somewhat OK
If he's suddenly actually the joyboy it's ass
It's ass either way the way Oda went about it.

Luffy wakes up and suddenly he melts while smiling? Sith Zunisha saying JB is back?

Much better if the fruit did something random.on its own whike he was awakes and he wondered what that shit was .
All his Calamities get beaten, Tobbi roppo and that certain Old hag get disposed too.

Meanwhile alliance still have every bit fighters
Marco, Yamato, Kid, Law, All Strawhat minus monster trio, 6 Scabbard, Zoro and Sanji stilld could fight if required, any other Samurai Fodders

On the other side, Only Kaido is left who came down from roof top after whooping 14+ strong fighter.

And could still threatened Momo that he will fight the remaining fighters until he stop Onigashima floating in which Momo choose to stop his work rather than Kaido fighting alliance.
And Yamato needing to say "Let's all die together" when Kaido is alone vs the rest.

This man is too powerful
Kaido defeated 9 Scabbards including 2 Sulongs despite his Mental issues holding him back, defeated Luffy 3 times now, Beat the shit out of Law, Beat the shit out of Yamato, Stomped a High vet Bowl head, Lifted an Island, played a 50% role in one of the worse Injuries any Strawhat got in the series despite Elbaf Techniques not even being his speciality, is now Gonna Fight against 4 YC1-Low Top Tiers and several Vets. With Yamato believing that they are gonna die
oars vs muguiwara crew until the arrival of nightmare luffy on stage.. kaido vs everyone except zoro and sanji until the arrival of luffy kaido knocks down everyone except zoro and sanji who join the fight, they stop kaido (getting buffs or upgrading their power ups, because if they don't get anything else in this arc, luffy would have left them so far down the power ladder) that I could destroy them only with g4 adv coc) then we have kaido vs zoro and sanji full while luffy makes his brutal appearance this oda, would break the internet, give us that pleasure to see now yes, a zoro and sanji tag fight
Joyboy „awakens“ inside Luffy. Joyboy was transferred over the devil fruit or reincarnation? Nevertheless devil fruit awakening becomes deeper meaning in this scenario when nika awakes
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