Who will beat Kaido now?

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if you are truly an objective reader and not a biased fanboy, can you at least admit that it would be horrible writing for Oda to portray Zoro as being near death and yet have him steal Luffy's spotlight by doing ZKK merely a few chapters after being so close to death that he literally sees the reaper?
Being objective there is a plausible reason to imply that it is bad writing if Zoro did one last miraculous recovery for ZKK.

Also Being objective while we're on the subject, Luffy's fight vs Kaido since 1008 has been bad writing, because Luffy has had power up after power up after power up and now Luffy has had a Goku/Naruto like awakening which from a objective standpoint is absolutely terrible writing because there's no tension. Which is why it would have been more plausible to see Luffy, Kidd, and Law vs Kaido

Good rooftop writing was in 1009 when Zoro, Kidd, Law, and Killer came up with a strategy to get BM off the roof and it worked

As a subjective reader who has believed in ZKK from the getgo I believe if he had enough for one last shot it would make the story great.
Oda gave Kaido the time to go down, not only because Luffy was down but because Oda wanted Luffy to have an audience when he defeats Kaido , he wants the people to see Luffy's overwhelming power so they can follow him, that includes Kaido's subordinates as well.
I get that characters in OP can have insane stamina, but its already been established that zoro was immobilized after hakai, and he's now taking twice the damage on top of what he took from king. Its already been established that zoro is basically immobile.

So can a single ZKK supporter tell me how this is going to be rectified? Marco can't just heal him because 1) marco's flames drain stamina and 2) Marco has never used this degree of healing on anybody other than himself. Surely if ZKK were to happen, zoro's revival surely wouldn't be reliant on an asspull, now would it?
TBH most people asked the same question when Zoro came back to rooftop as how could 30 broken bones Zoro could recover fast enough to take on YC level threats and then Oda came up with the ass pull medicine. So the real question is not how will Oda bring Zoro back if ZKK were to happen, but do Oda want ZKK to happen?
Also i don't think most ZKK fans cares HOW Zoro will get up tbh
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