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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,043: “Let's die together”.

Germa 66's Ahh… Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 7: "Oven arrives in WCI Island!" In the cover we see Oven arriving in WCI Island with the book Niji and Yonji are in. We also see people rebuilding Big Moms castle.

Chapter starts at the roof:
"Narrator declaires Kaidou the winner!"
We start where we left last chapter with Kaidou being in disbelief of ehat just happened!

Mr. Go: "Mission complete!...huff" (we don't know who he is talking too)

Kaidou: "Just like the old hag 20 years ago...huff"

Mr. Go: ?!

Kaidou: "DAMN YOU CP-0!!!"

Kaidou attacks Mr. Go but he manages to dodge!

Mr. Go: "Risking your own life for the bigger cause, is how everyone wants tl go out!"

We see Kaidou hitting Mr. Go with CoC and there is a big explosion. We don't see Mr. Go afterwards.

Kaidou says to Luffy that everything is over now as he goes down to the dome.

Switch to the first floor:
We see Kawamatsu telling the Samurai trying to stay alive no matter what, since burning to death would be a pointless death!

Kaidou arrives at the same floor in an epic double spread!
Everyone is schocked seeing Kaidou. Law and Kid sense that Luffy lost and it is Kaidou that just came down. They struggle to get up but they prepare to fight Kaidou!

Kaidou: "Mugiwara no Luffy is dead! There is no excaping for you now!

Nami while crying: "You are a lying snake! Luffy would never die!"

Kaidou turns toward Nami and attacks her but Marco stops the attack!

Kaidou: !!!

Marco: "Ace's brother...."

Kaidou: "If Momonuske doesn't give up you all are gonna die by my hand just like Luffy!!!"

Nekomamushi and Carrot get ready to join the fight.

Back to Momo and Yamato:
Momo heard what Kaidou said and decided to give up since he doesn't want to see more people die. But Yamato tells momo not to give up and fight until the very end!
Let's die together!

Zunesha: ...Momonosuke...!!

Momonosuke: Huh!?

Zunesha: Listen...!! I missed him.

Momonosuke: Zunesha, what is it!?

Zunesha: I hear the "drum of liberation".

Zunesha: It's the first time I've heard it in 800 years...!! There is no doubt that HE IS THERE.

Momonosuke: Who is it!?

Zunesha: ..!!! JoyBoy...!! He has come back!!!

Luffy starts to move again and on the last panel we see the panel as posted prievously.

Editor's Note: That man smiles quietly!!

Break next week.

Happy fool summary day!
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