Who will beat Kaido now?

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Pot Goblin

I'm a Fella of Fate
What a perfect representation of this whole thing with Carrot/Yamato. Here I am happy as can be simply getting a single panel of Carrot where she doesn't even speak. Meanwhile we have Yamato getting a big focused scene that adds to her character.

What great poetry
No wanda in sight?
1 mink is gone, 1 mink to go. Then all that's left is reuniting with the Straw Hats.
Mr. Go just stood there and accepted his fate. What a chad.


really like the panelling there, If this is the last time we see Blue Scarf I definitely think he was wasted a bit. He wasn't some top tier Yonko/Admiral level dude but he definitely looks like he could put some of these 2nd/3rd commanders in check.
But aside from the "THE AMAZING DOUBLE SPREAD" spam, at least the full summaries are legit good.
People are on "crackhead" mode.
While everything is sunshine and rainbows, people are memeing putting the guy on a pedestal and joking around with spoilers and shit.
But, dear Lord, if these fuckers go 1 day without the scheduled spoilers....
They light the torches faster than a fat kid can eat a cake.
Maybe others, i never did put that guy nor any other provider on a pedestal, i only bother with spoilers because this is where 90% of the discussion about the chapter happens.

If all the spoiler providers stop giving spoilers i think we would get better discussions about the current chapters, soo i dont think the coimunity or anyone should be gratefull at all for spoilers , at the end of the day they only do it to stroke their own egos.
Not open for further replies.