Who will beat Kaido now?

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Mr. Go didn't even try to fight back or run away, he accepted his fate like a boss:josad:
Because he want to feel kaido advanced coc hype train. This time it is hybrid form time. Kinemon took advanced coc attack from base kaido, we all know,how,it happen.

Let wait if Mr. Go actually die or not.
If mr. go died , it is win for kaido,
If mr. go is alive, kaido stock fell down further ahead
This chapter is honestly pretty fucking great. I thought it was just going to be some asspull Luffy moment and a rewash of His second defeat but we actually see some kills from Kaido, some great thematic scenes and beautifully drawn panels. 9/10
What kills? Fodders? Even they bodies ain't shown dead on the ground :milaugh:
I'm a little confused though, since Shanks told Rayleigh "Luffy said the same thing as Roger". It was implied that Luffy was the new Roger.

But here it's stated this is the first time in 800 years Joy Boy's back. So Luffy is not the new Roger?

Getting tired of this tbh. He's Roger, but not Roger. He's Joy Boy, but also Nika.
Luffy saying the same thing as another person isn’t an indicator that Luffy IS THAT PERSON… For example Zoro said the same thing about “being a hero” that Luffy said… Oda made sure to have it said VERBATIM the exact same way between the two of them without Zoro hearing when Luffy himself said this

This exists to show Luffy and Zoro are very similar in certain regards… Same way Tashigi and Kuina say the exact same shit and even go a step further to look exactly the same… And yet they are unrelated…

Oda making Luffy say the same shit as Roger exists to show Luffy is similar to Roger… That’s it

This Joyboy business however seems to be the legit shit with some kind of mystical power that’s connecting Luffy and this Joyboy person… Probably they had the same DF and are connected through it somehow

So no, you are just trapped in your headcanon that Luffy was ever supposed to be a reincarnation of Roger
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