What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Zoro: on the other hand we aren’t that dirty
Hiyori: that’s because I have been cleaning you♡ Are you happy about that? Heheh♡
Sanji: Mosshead I have got a word for you!!
(Sanji: After the fight, if I’m not in the right mind…I want you to kill me)
Zoro: oh you…I remember now…
I came back from hell just so I could kill you
Sanji: wait not that! I’ve got it settled!!

Best part of the chapter.

Hyori lovingly bathing Zoro :smoothy:

Zoro and Sanji antics :catblush:


Cope Doctor
Luffy/Joy Boy was paralleled to Ryuma, a prominent Samurai from Wano. To me, this is Oda indicating that Joy Boy/Ryuma were on a similar level of power/prestige.

Oda is literally saying: Joy Boy is a hero who rivals the Sword God. Who is a Samurai who has "rivaled" Luffy through the series, and is said to be around Luffy's offensive power level?

Oda is comparing Zoro to Ryuma intentionally. The son of Ryuma, Zoro, who was always lost, will find his home is Wano, and slay a dragon just like his dad did.
Oda retckoned that and hes only doing so in your headcanon... ZKK wasnt enough of L to you so you come up with other shit
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