What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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ryuma was paralled to Luffy by wano people , so stop dreaming
Luffy/Joy Boy was paralleled to Ryuma, a prominent Samurai from Wano. To me, this is Oda indicating that Joy Boy/Ryuma were on a similar level of power/prestige.

Oda is literally saying: Joy Boy is a hero who rivals the Sword God. Who is a Samurai who has "rivaled" Luffy through the series, and is said to be around Luffy's offensive power level?

Oda is comparing Zoro to Ryuma intentionally. The son of Ryuma, Zoro, who was always lost, will find his home is Wano, and slay a dragon just like his dad did.
Why Yamato looks like a tiny little bitch without clothes. Should have muscles with all that strengh. 0 sense also not sexy as it's pretended to be. Just embarrasing, Oda can't stop sexualizing femenine bodies and if he doesn't he draws a character who looks like an ass. Average japanese old man I guess. Sad.
if they not Emprerors, they are the Big Targets
I don't see the point of not making them emperors then. Like if they have a 2+ billion berry bounty and they are now the new big targets in the NW, then they are effectively emperors.

While they don't have any territory at the moment, they could easily get some post wano, as most pirates aren't nearly as strong as them. It just doesn't make sense to make them emperors later down the line, when they already defeated one in wano.
retard, Luffy is joyboy and the one who beat Kaido

didn't your ZKK theory say that whoever kills Kaido will be the new Ryuma?

Luffy is joyboy and ryuma
No, I never said that. Luffy didn't kill Kaido.

Luffy's G5/awakening near island size fist (Joyboy powers) with ACoC and ACoA couldn't kill Kaido. It knock him unconscious and significantly injury (brake his horn) him. Several weaken and injured Zoro significant injury (scar) Kaido. If the magma killed Kaido the kill goes to the magma.
Best boi and King of Chaos is finally coming

Btw if the plant is his DF....than I dont think hes a normal paramecia. Paramecia dont usually have tue substance come out of their back. They usually control it with their hands. Hes either a Special Parameica or a Logia. Or has the Mythical Zoan Gaia fruit.
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