What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Lmao, my hand hurts looking at this long post
Yeah, I tried to get it to avoid embedding the whole thing and just show a preview or the link only but not managed so far. Very annoying to try to link to Tumblr posts like this.

Might just put it in spoiler tags instead.
It took 1 chapter for the haters to cope hard over Zoro again.

Wano citizens compare Ryuma to Joyboy, not Luffy, for beating Kaido. The haters immediately start saying Zoro has 0 parallel and comparison to Ryuma.

They love overlooked manga fact.

Hopefully now the "Ryuma was weak or he only beat weak opponents" BS can stop. It took Joyboy, awakening mythical zoans god DF user, to beat Kaido just to be compared to Ryuma.

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I love seeing Oda parallel Luffy/Zoro with Joy Boy/Ryuma. I've gained more confidence in my theory that Zoro is Ryuma's son, sent to the future by Toki. The Samurai lost in time is going to decapitate the dragon over Wano, and turn Enma into a Black Blade to fulfill Oden's Will.

Black Beard is going to pick up Kaido's corpse with Moria (ruining Kaido's honorable death, and send Zombie Kaido to attack Wano to try to conquer it.

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