What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Cope Doctor
I love seeing Oda parallel Luffy/Zoro with Joy Boy/Ryuma. I've gained more confidence in my theory that Zoro is Ryuma's son, sent to the future by Toki. The Samurai lost in time is going to decapitate the dragon over Wano, and turn Enma into a Black Blade to fulfill Oden's Will.

Black Beard is going to pick up Kaido's corpse with Moria (ruining Kaido's honorable death, and send Zombie Kaido to attack Wano to try to conquer it.

ryuma was paralled to Luffy by wano people , so stop dreaming
so according to the raws:
- zoro got a L with luffy being compared to ryuma
- zoro got a W because there is no way oda not gonna explain how zoro came back from hell and what powerup he got
- hawkins gets a W
- Law and Kidd may get a L because it is unclear if Apoo excluded them from yonkos or not.
- Yamato will probably join but it is not sure
- the fanservice scene is not so cringe

this chapter is way better than expected. do you guys know who interferes in the den den mushi call?
invisibles W for Zoron
Overdosing on copium already :milaugh:
Imagine thinking people who had second hand knowledge of what went down between Luffy and Kaido being able to power scale Joyboy to Ryuma. Sadly this isn't the case as some here want it to be.

The only reason why the comparison is being made is due to how they view Luffy now. As a savior of Wano who took out a big bad dragon. But Zoro fans will always come up with their own conclusions as usual. Where has that gotten them?

If anything what you guys are doing right now in trying to rationalize this is :pepecopium:.
Face it you guys lost in a big way.
Oda: I am going to make Ryuma look, act, and be apart of Zoro story for 1000 chapters. Then I'll do a twist where i will say he Luffy parallel.
Editors: Wow Pda-san your such a genius, but what does Luffy got to do with Ryuma
Oda: noting who cares lmao

Citizens: have you guys heard about the guy that brought down Kaido?
Yep the warrior with the name “Joy Boy”!!!
Though I heard that he’s no longer in this country..!!
Man I wish I could meet him..A hero that rivals the Sword God!

Luffy just got compared to Ryuma. Oh that's gotta hurt.
So, you're saying...Zoro is without parallel? :myman:

Anyone hyped for the Red Movie? Seen the trailer and it was nothing impressive ngl
Feels like it's gonna be the worst OP film in 20 years, tbh. :jordanmf:

I suggest every ZKK fan logoff the forum by tomorrow morning, consider this a warning.
I'm your huckleberry. :getnappaed:
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