What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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While Lihawk the loser never dared entering the land of Wano as the supposedly head of the swordsman Ryokugyu pulls up on the alliance on a whim. There are levels to this shit.
@Luffydom56 Zoro states that he came back from hell to defeat Sanji. That means Zoro was dead and in hell. Luffy also died. We were robbed of Luffy and Zoro’s adventures in hell!
Maybe they met in hell and have their own secrets, Also Zoro stating about coming back from hell to defeat Sanji is just a joke, Zosan fans and the wings fans are making it more than what it is.
Imagine thinking people who had second hand knowledge of what went down between Luffy and Kaido being able to power scale Joyboy to Ryuma. Sadly this isn't the case as some here want it to be.

The only reason why the comparison is being made is due to how they view Luffy now. As a savior of Wano who took out a big bad dragon. But Zoro fans will always come up with their own conclusions as usual. Where has that gotten them?

If anything what you guys are doing right now in trying to rationalize this is :pepecopium:.
Face it you guys lost in a big way.

Joyboy, awakening mythical Zoan god DF.
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