What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Yeah his only relation to the Shimotsuki is the village was founded by them outside Wano and got trained in their dojo.

That should be the stopping line for Zoro, we don't need more than that, he remains Roronoa.
we wouldnt need more than that if his physical makeup wasnt the exact replica of the men in that clan .
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ZKK is more likely than Green Bull being Zoro's father imo.
neither is likely tbh
we wouldnt need more than that if his physical makeup wasnt the exact replica of the men in that clan .
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neither is likely rofl
Because he has talent and that talent was trained and nurtured by members of that clan. Zoro takes their training a step further always.

Just like Roger and Luffy similarities doesn't mean Luffy's real name is Gol D Luffy

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Jinxed Maineframe.
If people wanna find out Zoros heritage then they need to look at Sanji’s and find the parallels.

Oda’s parallels for WCI and Wano for Sanji and Zoro have been very weird but very clear.

I think Zoro having a dad who acts like Sanji is the exact sort of shit he’d love to push
Right?! I've been joking that Zoro will have a dad similar to Sanji before. It would explain their animosity towards each other but also a mutual understanding and respect too.

Green Bulls personality is already a clash of Zoro's. He is too lazy to feed himself/eat or thinks eating is too much hassle or whatever. He has shades of Aokijis lazy personality and Kizarus ambigious, flashy, weirdness.

Aokiji used to be fired up justice but now is "lazy justice" instead. Zoro is extremely driven, disciplined and self sacrificial. Green Bull seems the type to value his own safety over others, self preservation, hence why he has plant based powers too and thus doesn't need to eat. He might even be "cowardly justice" or something, "underhanded justice"? Dishonourable? Zoro would HATE that too.
Yeah it would be completely fucking ridiculous if they left that soon unless they had no choice but to leave? But how would that be written in a believable way too? Especially with Green Bull going in alone and against Akainus orders?

Theres WAY too much left hanging in this arc alone to just leave it anytime soon. Dressrosa had what 10-15 chapters to close it off? It was only 102 chapters by comparison and Wano is only 3 Acts then too?

Is Oda really going to rush the story this much and fuck it up that badly? To the point it will compete with how badly and rushed Bleach was?

I almost feel like Shanks getting a film suddenly is to try and compensate for that Shanks was meant to make a move, was it last year? And we've been waiting for Shanks' arc for 25 year now too?

Stampede was meant to be a love story about Ace's lover or something instead. Film Red's plot doesn't seem like the actual original intended plot unless they just really wanted to make a cheap, lazy and blatantly effective cashgrab?

I've never seen OP in a more cynical state than it ever has been before. I don't even know what to feel anymore. All the issues with previous arcs and years in the community seem completely trivial by comparison.
You guys are missing an important point imho: It's probably Shueisha giving this arc the axe, not Oda (first time for Oda I guess).

The pacing those past few chapters has been way too fishy and out of place for Oda. It's really like he HAD to end it as fast as possible. Way too many plot points still open, anticlimatic finale, almost no aftermath etc.
Kudos to Oda for actually killing some characters, but it just feels like he's just doing it to fill a quota or something. The characters that died weren't characters I was really invested in... Wish he would've done a little more for them so it would hit but oh well.
They died while the rest are partying, the other characters themselves dont give a flying fuck about them so why should we even feel anything?
He did it out of spite of complaints that there are no deaths in this raid imo. He must know about all the complains about it. I
've heard a few times now over the years that the Japanese community hate this arc too, so it must be true surely?

Oda has been writing this arc in a very specific and outdated, niche, controversial style that is literally dying out in Japan because of how excessively long, convoluted and ridiculous it is. It deliberately is meant to have death fakeouts for example. Characters leaving and coming back with no explanation and such too apparently.

How Oda thought this would be a good idea is beyond me. Too much of his ego being fed and too much nationalism/pride in his own culture and country I guess. Surrounded by far too many yes men.

No way in hell a child to teenage aimed demographic in an internet, social media, stimulation addiction/overload culture was ever to going to enjoy and appreciate this style too LMAO!
This is from my personal life... I worked in a certain japanese manufacturing plant for years until I left late last year... A crap ton of manga readers, especially one piece. A lot of them hate Wano to the point they quit and are waiting for it to end...

They described Odas storytelling as "outdated" and "rash"
Greenbull may catch many people offguard Or he has his own agenda (his own reason joining navy e.g. want to meet SH/Law/Drake/kuzan/anyone)

I wonder if his df is the superior version of Robin's Hana Hana no mi

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Jinxed Maineframe.
I wanted Monster Chopper to be in the monster squad. Btw we still need to find out who Franky is related to.
Someone speculated he's related to Building Snake, the bulky guy with long grey hair in Shanks crew, with the red serpent emblem jacket or w/e. I doubt it as we have Shanks and Yasopp for Luffy and Usopp in the crew already ofc.

I suspect Franky might be related to Vegapunk but I'm hoping not. I rather it's Kidd. Kidd named his attacks Punk and has similar interests plus he desperately needs more wank too lol.

Franky is a real wild card, he has a "Shogun/Samurai-like" robot, has shown similar attitudes of honour and manliness like samurai and his carpenter boss at Wano was confirmed by Oda in a SBS to be the twin brother or something of another guy who left Wano and appeared in One Piece MUCH earlier?

I don't think its coincidence that Oda had Franky meet Oden out of all the SHs in the distant past too. Plus Franky and Senor Pink become friends in the end somewhat, a mutual respect for each other and like Oden, they are "hard boiled" men but more so literally in Odens case ofc.
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