If Oda wrote a One Piece Spinoff, what would be the best spinoff series?

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Yeah, that's quite the hype. As Mihawk would phrase it, I'm trembling of excitement. Though Shanks being pure evil, I'm not sure. He was quite genuine. Asking Whitebeard to stop Ace, stopping the war, talking with Rayleigh about how excited he was to get to know Luffy, was excited about meeting Luffy's brother, now also looks very happy to see Luffy, and Shanks' crew who should know Shanks best, is also excited about meeting Luffy again. If Shanks was secretly evil and using Luffy, he would've effectively lied to his own crew too.

Tho it seems certain that Shanks does have his own agenda and even though he loves Luffy, he sees him as an obstacle when obtaining the One Piece. But after all, Luffy himself also said that he needs to take Shanks down.
I really believe Oda did this to market film Red, it makes zero sense.


Kitetsu Wanker
He said "you fool, you think your stab is enough to kill me"

Basically he said his detoriorating state was not mainly because of Squard
Certainly, just like 2 blows from Akainu werent enough to kill him.
His state was mainly due to his sickness.
Speaking of Big Talk.

"I will never lose"

--> loses several times.

"there's nothing I can't cut"

--> Can't cut bird cage

"I will gather up the Samurai"
--> Doesn't do shit

According to Oda he never lost so nice headcanon.
According to Oda, he can cut even Kaido so nice headcanon again.
And we will see whether he will gather them or not. Care to guess? :myman:
Does everyone know this??? Lmfao, she literally matched Kaido’s AP repeatedly.

Kaido cannot damage any Admiral just like Yamato can’t.
They hit each other, if they had match then the attacks would have canceled out each other

The strongest Ceature, the previous Strongest Yonkou can't damage any Admiral? The same Admirals that took damage from Yonkou Commanders? Marco? Jozu?Dressora Luffy?Dressrosa Sabo?Reverie Sabo?

These guys can damage an Admiral but the Strongest Creature can't?

Again stop posting nonsense
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