Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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The point is, they're not stronger than him because they're actually stronger than him. It's WB who became weaker than them due to external factors and that's not gonna make his title less authentic.
Of course it is, his title referred to his strength which had grown weaker due to his illness. So yeah he wasn't the strongest pirate anymore and therefore his title was a lie.

Mohammed Ali was the strongest boxer in the world by the time his illness came in? No.
Everyone knows Stephen Paul's scripts are better than the early Viz. There is a reason why ViZ hired this man. I am not saying he is perfect and those translation communities dont have people better than him. But calling him a dogshit translator is ridiculous. Put some respect in that man's name.
Maybe "dogshit translator" was a bit of an exaggeration
can shanks Stan’s explain what separate zoro swordsmanship and strength and power :kayneshrug:
l’m not a Shanks stan even though i end up defending him.. Zoro and Mihawks swordsmanship is putting everything behind the Blade meaning their strenght power and Haki.. However Shanks will have a 3rd level of CoC that have an effect similar to Fujitora’s gravity that can not be put in the Blade and Shanks doesn’t use it when dueling Mihawk because Mihawk put everything he has behind his blade.. Thus why Mihawk has a better sword, Black sword, better swordsmanship, when if it would be a free for all real pirate fight Shanks would have the advantage due to this unknown CoC power..
At this point if any think Rayleigh or scopper bounty was bellow 2,5 bill there idiot oda is showing us time and time again that you can be in 3 or 4 bill and still be under your captain I'm certain Rayleigh bounty was at least 4+ bill and scopper 3+bill Roger crew built different hell Shanks, buggy crew built different from BM an kaido
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