Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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so by your logic, Ussop and Luffy are equal, Luffy have stronger haki, but ussop have better sniping skills :suresure:

Not even close, usopp has never beaten luffy. Apparently mihawk has beaten shanks in at least one swordfight and got bored of fighting him. Shanks decided to practice using his haki in other ways I didn't say he had stronger haki than mihawk, he just uses it in other ways mihawk only wants to be a swordsman so there is no reason for him to practice using his haki other than in his swordsmanship. If you couldn't comprehend that from what I've already said you are too stupid for me to talk to. Good luck with life retard. And muted.[/QUOTE]

when did it mention Mihawk beat shanks? they fought in the past and that's when shanks was a fcking nbody, it was never mention one bested the other, the headcanon is strong in this one :milaugh:
Which Shanks was too scared to face Mihawk in. Lol

Fun fact: Shanks means “legs”, in English slang. I think it’s hilarious that a guy who lost his arm to a fish is referred to as “legs”, lol. I may start calling him Legs from now on.
Even funner fact.

The Shank is the part of a ring that holds the jewel, or in English slang, the "rock"....

Rocks. D Shanks confirmed.
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