One Piece Chapter 1062: Adventure in the land of science

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Good chapter

Fun interactions with Luffy's group

I wonder what Zoro wants to ask Lilith... out of everyone on the crew I didn't expect him to have any requests

Loving the layout of the island so far

CP0 coming to kill Vegapunk is a little odd

The only way they could rationalize it is if they assume the Seraphim are the best weapons Vegapunk could devise

They clearly don't care about his other inventions that would actually aid the people

Very interesting

I hope this arc does not finish with good boy vegapunk story :)

Also , why do shaka have an interest in strawhats . It is interesting too.

Lulusia was erased a device that Vegapunk created ? There is no logic to die Vegapunk then. Interesting. But still we are keep taking good chapters consectuvely. very good :)